Thursday, July 16, 2009

Take A Trip

... to one of these 5-Best, or to all at the same time!

I think you would not like to miss out to read the rest of article by Guardian UK: Five best... Rooms with a view

So, let's take a glimpse at the filtering best experiences:

1. Monument Valley / Arizona, USA

2. The Pyramids / Cairo, Egypt

3. No better way to see her. The Bosphorus (+bridge) / Istanbul, Turkey

4. Lighthouse Cottage / Devon, UK

5. Arenal Volcano / Costa Rica

Seeing them together like this makes me visit them all in real even more! And, I just want a rest for sure;) Before that, would you kindly go to share your Best@ now? Would love to hear! Thanks in advance.

Source: All images are property of the individual photographers via flickr.


  1. Yes, yes, ye Nihal, these places are simply wonderful!

    But you know which is my one and only best of all times -after Istanbul, of course-?

    PARIS! Romantic, monumental, beautiful... with a view to the Champs Elysées... perfect to spend a honeymoon! ;D

  2. @ Leni: Oh my, your interesting note was enough to perk up my evening now, but how is it that you have presentiment about my life;) Yep, it'd be perfect to spend a honeymoon in oh-la-la Paris indeed, who doesn't dream about it:) Just love your warm thoughts, thanks for being simply there Leni. Looking forward each and every day to see your visiting Istanbul. May the wonderful blessings that surround you, sweet friend of mine:)

  3. Good choice, I like them all.
    The Taj Mahal, Redwood forest and Uluru. I put them on the list as well so I have eight to go now. lol

  4. All are fantastic views Nihal but if I have only 1 choice, I'd go and see the Pyramid. Happy weekend my friend. I am taking a few days off next week...more painting projects --hopefully we get the colors right this time, and time to just slow down a has been spinning too fast :P Hugs for the weekend.

  5. Hi Nihal

    Great Photographs. Was on a trip to Cairo last year & visited the Pyramids & Sphinx ! Marvelous view of the bridge across the Bosporous-I hope one day I am able to visit the wonderful city of Istanbul


  6. All wonderful places, Nihal!
    I hope one day to be able to visit Istanbul, and towns I'd like to see again are London and Paris.

  7. Hello, Nihal,
    I have not had time to stroll around reading blogs but taking the time this weekend. I have been to three of the places in your photos. I've never been to Egypt or Costa Rica. If I could travel today, though I would visit Turkey again and then England. I only find myself traveling to places nearby these days. The internet is a wonderful place, though, as we can see it all from here!