Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Fishes

Flowers and food, special drinks, sunny bright blue skies, the Prince Islands in front of our blue eyes, hugs and kisses, a BBQ, a long terrace bath, beer-and-wine filled daylight hours, and lots of love. Ohh I wish, I wish our each day would go on for ever like this this this...! Am I asking too much from the life, tell me? Absolutely not. Kesinlikle hayir.

On Sunday, I couldn't stop thinking about this for everyone on this earth! A newborn yellow Sun, bamboo furnitures, wide angle sea, all of the feelings that is passing from my heart...

And, and...

...I just can't stop think about how someone could make her terrace look more like this charming. Before we enter in her paradise, two fishes want to say welcome happy Sunday romance for two;)

A Sunday tale of two fishes. One is charmingly frank, most of the time cheerful and open, with many friends and interests to keep her busy, trying the world to make a brighter place. Other is big-hearted and determined, having a basic faith in life, allowing her strength and courage to direct her sunny nature shines through. First one profile describes my sweet auntie, and other is me:)

I swear I did not know what kind of Sunday that I would have had. But I am spoiled before going to make you curious about the end of this story! Lets start first where we are going to. To the front side of a home viewing this fantastic environment, the Prince Islands in the Asian side of the City. Takes circa 15 min by car from my boring(!) office-like apartment;)

And, the port that transports people to the islands from the mainland. There's always a very busy traffic on this blue waters.

Ohh my, we are welcomed in. Here's her white linen curtains, and the magnificent view behind the curtain. I am loving this the use of this color ''white'' vs ''blue'' that makes the place feel modern, while using the lots of vintage finds. +, the place feels so warm -like her unique heart-, and yet there is a simplicity to the decorating.

I agree, that there is much of abundance of things but these two mascots are her favorites. Named them as Alin as her granddaughter and Berk as her grandson. She misses them so much, and these toys bring some solace when she dreams them. Did I say, her daughter lives in Montréal, Canada?

The comforts of her home are so so many! I will just let the objects speak for themselves and say it is so hard to present all of my photos here.

You see, Sunday was the most glorious day, one of the hottest day of the year in Ist'l 95F/35Celcius and no any seriously gray cloud in the sky. If you ask me one of the best weekends in a long time. I would not like to trade anyone ours for cooler days, sorry:) Being a sun-and-summer-mania, I welcomed this type of weather even though some humidity included, but no worries indeed:)

Delicious table settings by her without forgetting any details...

She is not hot on discipline when compared to mine, but I surely love her dreamy spoken creativity to any situation such as this teapot flower arrangement.

An actress at heart that she is! Like me, she also a lover of fairies and angel figurines in every corner at home. Love you Auntie:)

A forkfull of apple greanium; I made this and photographed while having our dinner. "Girls who know how to use power tools are cool." is one of the things that I learned from Auntie:)

A two-day weekend came to an end, and I was in love with Summer and its glorious bringings and my journalist spirit as well:) She? She was going to illuminate the terrace with oil lamps around us...

"It pays to get up early." and "Patience" are other important life lessons that I learned from Auntie.

We were together staring at stars in the darkblue tray reaching our heads while relaxing and drinking our turkish coffees. And, these two fishes were singing their most favorite song together aloud -from Diana Ross-, a few lines pouring from their lips:

... oh no, not I
I will survive
as long as I know how to love
I know I will stay alive
I've got all of my life to live
I've got all of my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive


  1. Beautiful post Nihal. You have a creative and happy soul, which is good and it radiates in your I am always happy popping over. That 2 fishes on the window overlooking the sea is really smart :P Happy week

  2. Obviously you and your Aunt have a very special relationship. It shines through your post.

    What a view she has, what fun to see all the small details. I agree, the fish are perfect in that window.


  3. Nihal, seeing this lovely and very detailed post, with so many fine images, I understand why yesterday at 8.30 pm you told me it would have been ready at about midnight! I'm glad you've had such a beautiful weekend with your Aunt with whom you surely have a very special feeling.
    Happy week!

  4. I'm so happy that you and your aunt had this special time together. I'm sure being with you bring joy to her heart.

    And, you bring joy to our hearts with your sharing spirit.

  5. Oh, your poor auntie...with grandchildren so far away.....I'm glad she has you...and her lovely views.

  6. Such a warm nd loving relationship you have with your aunt. These are certainly precious moments to spend together.

  7. What a lovely, lovely tale. Oh yes, you are an artist of life. You know how to cherish the simple moments.......

  8. What a wonderful Palace your Aunt lives in. What a wonderful weekend you spent together. Thanks for sharing with us through beautiful words and photos!

  9. Hi Nihal
    Wonderful reading this post.Full of love & romance of life.The pictures are exquisite - you are quite a photographer !
    And thanks for the wonderful long comment you left in my blog.I would to clarify the one point that you felt sad about - about Istanbul. Please dont despair. Actually what I meant was I know very little about the modern city of Istanbul. But I am fully aware of the historical significance of Turkey & Constantinople and the great Byzantine Empire of the middle Ages and the great power and influence this empire wielded in Europe.

    Warm Regards