Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekending With 6-Options

This weekend I hope I might feel inspired to:

o GOING to the Istanbul Dolphinarium, and see the show of these cute mammals?

o SHOPPING at City's Nişantaşı, one of the most famous fashion and life center? Because summer discounted sales already started, and can't wait!

o CRUISE in the cool waters of Bosphorus but in a magic way into the days of Ottoman Empire, by the Soltan's Boat? What a feeling truly timeless should be between the past and present over.

o DINING OUT at Trattoria Il Faro in Kalamış, and taste the delicious italian food cooked by Stefano and Nicoletta? Lucky me because it's in my neightborhood, taking only a few minutes by car.

o VISITING my sweet Auntie? Her terrace has a splendid view overviewing the Prince Islands, and all of Istanbul's blue lies just under her feet!

o MAKING RSVN for 16th Istanbul International Jazz Festival 2-15 July '09, and listen some cool dimly lit real good musicians in a summer night?

I am indecisive which one I shall take, but I know I will clear my weekend for a good rendezvous selecting one of my options listed above. On Monday I will share the beauty of my two-days -if you can wait patiently:)

Happy Friday lovelies!


  1. Nihal, it's really a hard choice because all six options, I imagine, are interesting for you. I must say that the Trattoria Il Faro looks really beautiful and comfortable and to have luch or dinner outdoors is good, isn't it? I hope you enjoy the weekend and take, why not?, all 6 opportunities!

  2. Dinner and Jazz? Shopping and a visit with your Aunt? Then there's the water.

    Hard choice. Have fun and I'll come back to find out what you did.


  3. Oh Nihal, whatever you do, I'm absolutely sure that you will enjoy it big time!

    Make the most of your weekend and enjoy a bit of a hedonistic lifestyle! I hope you have fun at the dolphinarium, buy nice fashion clothes, have a nice cruise and a nice meal at the trattoria and enjoy the company of your auntie.

    And last, but not least, have a nice jazz session!

    Have a nice weekend, sweety!

  4. Hi Nihal
    I know very little about Istanbul. From your amazing photographs it seems to be a very modern & exciting city with great opportunities to explore. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Ciao Nicole, nelle tue foto con un pò di fantasia ho visto " il canal grande di Venezia e la gustosa cucina italiana + altro :-)"
    Buon fine settimana e buon inizio :-)

  6. I can't wait to read what you decided to do on your weekend.

    I love dolphins. And, I love aunties, too. ;-)

  7. I'm sure whatever you chose to do you had a good time. Music under the stars sounds appealing to me.

  8. Nice dolphin, but those creatures can get over-excited when they're kissed. I think your auntie is a safer option.

  9. Nihal, I hope you've had a very nice weekend with one (or more) of the six options. :-)
    About your question on my post, yes, the improvisation "July" is one of my compositions.
    Have a great week ahead!

  10. @ Ram: India is a multicultural society as far back as one could trace it's civilization. Now connecting with world people only with love and compassion. So is the country of Turkey. Both are multicultural nations:)

    The most aesthetic amalgamation of old and new, the East and the West and classic and modern are combined in Istanbul, say also in every inch of this country of Turkey. I'm a bit sad to hear that you know very little about Ist'l. Well, I'll be trying more than the past to reflect its diversity here at CR, going for more marketing studies dedicated to this glorious city:)

    A breathtaking view of Istanbul greeting you now from the side overlooking the Bosphorus:) Thanks for your encouraging words 'n looking forward to your next visits~

  11. @ GB: Ha! Thanks for the tip you gave about dolphins:) What makes me surprised is how you knew that I spent my w-end with my auntie! OMG I'm so surprised when I read your smart note now. Wish I could offer a giveaway then you'd be winner, sorry indeed;)