Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catch 12

Today I want to stand out and be the center of attention!

Because it is time to appreciate again who I am as a unique individual. Because it is the beginning of a new year for me, and I feel charged myself with new energy, vitality and sense of purpose.

While I expect and accept changes that come my way, my life seems to be on a roller coaster this particular day:)

Thanks God, my lovely friends started to keep on my toes with messages, phone calls and surprise sweet gifts from last week! In short it's the kind of day I ADORE.

One thing matters to me the most is as you know, love, warmth and friendship. Besides being my Birthday, August is also the month it marks the 2nd birthday of CrossRoads. Feel free of yourself to leave your patisserie cream delicious notes/messages/thoughts/wishes whatever you like under today's article -if 2 of you want to be selected as lucky readers to win my Surprise giveawayS.

Announcement will be done in September.


  1. wow..Nihal you are back, firstly, Happy Birthday or Selamat Hari Jadi in Malay :P I love how your put your stance on everything, firm, attentive and very confident. Have missed you a lot and glad you are back, aw..tks for the cakes, I'll have a couple if you don't mind :P Hugs...Meryem

  2. Dear Nihal,

    I wish you a wonderful birthday !!

  3. Happy Birthday Nihal! Enjoy your day and know that your bloggy friends are happy to see you online again.

    That mountain of pink cakes looks delicious and pretty!

  4. Happiest Brithday! I've been checking in and was delighted to be greeted with pink cakes this morning.

    Can't wait for the blog posts where you tell and show us all about where you've been.


  5. Happy Birthday from another engineer who happens to be a woman who shares the same birthday. Many, many more to you. Mary

  6. Just loved the photo of the cake and cupcakes!!! Enjoy the special times...including your birthday!!

    Also congratulations on 2years for Cross Roads.

  7. Happy Birthday, dear Nihal!
    Congratulations on the two years of Crossroads! The anniversary (two years) of my blog will be next January! :-)

  8. Nihal hanım mutlu yıllar,herşey gönlünüze göre gökyüzünün berraklığı gibi olsun,ömrünüz neşeyle sağlık ve afiyetle geçsin,hoşca kalın.

  9. You're back!!! I missed you.

    And, Happy Birthday to you. You're quite a special lady. I'm cyber-sending you a slice of homemade rum cake. It is delicious, and I know you will love it.

    Just look at all of those pink and yummy cupcakes. You know I love pink - and I love cupcakes, too.

    Best wishes for a year of joy and love.

  10. Happy Birthday Nihal, I'm glad you are back, I'm almost back too. lol
    Also congratulated with the 2nd birthday of your blog, well done, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  11. I wish you and your blog a fantastic birthday !!!