Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amicizia = Friendship = Dostluk

How are you feeling these days?

As for myself, these days there is lots that makes me happy! I've spent a good amount of time just slowing down? No, definitely not. But just getting busier which is challenging for me no matter how much I value "busy-bee-ing":) I admit that I dislike sitting with nothing, and its not my nature to value "slowness".

In the end, I am very pleased that I took my time, and felt so good having opportunity to create, to redesign, and generally be decisive to finish things up has been great.

Because sometimes I can easily get lost in wanting finish
ed projects. Unstoppable saying arises from me like today, tomorrow, today, tomorrow... the days passing so quickly that I can not understand where times have been gone. Having the following project literally took me months, planning, cutting, buying appropriate fabrics and organizing to create brought me joy and a greater appreciation of the road to the final planned product:

As said, everything has a good hour to perform on it. You want to make it but something can stop you by doing it as wished. I think that ideal time has come. Since the year 2007 how much I wanted to be busy with my blocks... As seen above, Daniela in Livorno, Letizia in Pisa, Gianna in Roma, Giuliana in Vicenza, ...thanks to all my awesome friends in different parts of Italy swapped so wonderful 30cm/12''in blocks. Theme was free of choice. Everyone in my group put their best effort, and reflected their friendship that they really care for.

I'm just so pleased with how this 15-blocks turned out to be connected eac
h other in my hands:) I named it "Under Stars" quilt, and to be used when stare at the stars in the garden... You will be surprised to see its final form when it comes to end -hopefully before the calendar does not change for 2010:)

This month August is quite enriching and rewarding as I now tend to explore new dimensions of the life. I can actually make productive use of this euphoric days by taking up "too hot to handle" tasks and getting things done:)

Ooh other thing that bring me smiles.

Having exchanged my patchwork blocks awarded me many stamps in return. I didn't think too much, but inspired to be emotive and expressive:) Made some paper-weights using old italian stamps well combined with dried leaves on my rocks. Finish step is done by varnishing on the visible side of it: here is the result. I love it!

No other day would make you feel closer
to your friends and relatives
than today.


  1. I love the way it feels to accomplish things, too. I have a few projects that I am anxious to finish.

    The quilt is going to be beautiful. I love the meaning of it being shared by friends.

    And, your paperweight is wonderful. Thank you for sharing such a great idea.

  2. You are one smarty pants Nihal, I think that was really coooool with the stamps on the rock! I totally love it. I have many stamps and keep them not knowing what to do with it...YOur quilt is coming along fabulously :P

  3. I already see some very beautiful blocks Nihal.
    I wish you much pleasure in making the quilt.

  4. Ciao Nicole, passo per un saluto :-)
    A presto :-)

  5. Hi Nihal! Nice to see you're back (I was back just yesterday!). Hey, you're a busy bee! I love your beautiful designs, but most of all, your wonderful creativity.

    ((BTW, happy birthday, one week later, but happy birthday to you!))

  6. I like your composition, Nihal!
    Great the idea of the stamps and the dried leaves. Beautiful!