Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Birth Month's Flower


...because they are difficult to grow here, said by my sweet friend Liz. A giant thank you goes to find her in Harwell, UK, as I am inspired a lot from her kind B*Day wishes and a few recent photos taken in her garden with these 'Heavenly Blue' beautiful Morning Glories.

Just like the stones, each month has a flower or two as well, which symbolizes birth. This heart-shaped goodness is the flower of
my birth month August:)

Did you know in Japan the Morning Glory is known as asagao, asa "morning" and kao "face". Gives a meaning like "Morning Face". Indeed it blooms in the morning hours.

If you know would you share the flower of your birth month?

"A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books."
Walt Whitman ( Poet, 1819-1892)


  1. Very lovely image of the two Morning Glories. They look like little lighted lamps: soft, fresh, shaded, delicate.
    Have a good week ahead, Nihal!

  2. I like morning glories, they are said to be traditionally planted around mail box posts on old homesteads here.

    I looked up my birth flower (July) and got different answers, sweetpeas or waterlilies or larkspur. I think I'll stick with sweetpeas as I really like them and DH always grows them for me.


  3. Bellissimi i fiori, delle volte riescono a rallegrarmi...soprattutto quando ne ho bisogno:-)
    Buon inizio settimana

  4. I don't know my flower, but I hope it's the sunflower. So earthy and cheerful, it makes me happy just to see them.