Saturday, September 05, 2009

Fill In The Blank.


She is ___________________________ ?

I am really, really, really curious what the breakdown of the experiences that make us happy/sad might be. I was thinking a bit about this but would certainly like to hear yours about it. Because ideas are everywhere!

Looking for thought provoking and creative answers to define her. Any responses/ideas may be posted below.

Thank you everybody~


  1. In my opinion ,she migt be think "when we were that age"best wishes and regards

  2. I think 'she is thinking of some happy memories'. That's what her beautiful smile tells me.

    ((Btw, I love the contrast between the B/W pics and the red jacket. Red means passion. It's my favourite colour))

    Have a nice day, Nihal!

    (Your blog wont let me post my comment with my google account, so I'm commenting with my name)

  3. Fixed! Blogger sometimes plays tricks with we poor bloggers... (*sigh*)

  4. She is "Radiant". What great photo's.


  5. She is "Amiable".
    Have a fine day, Nihal!