Sunday, September 06, 2009

'Outstanding Season' Start

Football season started by the beginning of September. I am not excited for it but if it is World Cup 2010 my heart always beats so fast.

As you remember, in April we got
suspicious upon our lost match against Spain. But Saturday evening certainly got the season started off with a bang:)

I stunned our National Team with a seventh minute goal from just outside from the penalty area, leaving us struggling to find our national rhythm until our player Tuncay grabbed a 29th minute equaliser with a strike into the corner of the net.

Then we looked in control, making it 2-1 in the 37th minute. In the second half, a sloopy start gave a chance to Estonia from long range in the
53rd minute. This was enough to test the nerves of anxious Turkish people.

And, waited success came before too long! We did our best to beat Estonia 4-2 with two goals helping us keep our faint World Cup European Group 5 qualifying match:)

Sep 5~ Turkey vs Estonia: 4 - 2

Saturday evening brought us a new light going with our hopes alive, more than saying stronger. Let's have a quick look at current out
standings in our Group:

Now we are focused on Wednesday against Bosnia Herzegovina. We are going to Bosnia.


  1. Go Turkey, go! I hope you guys win the match!

  2. Merhaba Nihal, at least Turkey in on the map for football, unlike ours :(

    Many thanks for all your kind wishes and prayers. Everything is good and well now, me back to work after 2 weeks.