Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Come Again

W i s h e s...

E v e r l a s t i n g n w i s h e s...

# Resulted #

Shall we talk a little bit about our wishes this morning?

Our life is cradled by our wishes. Wishes make us move forward, help us
to be in harmony and in balance with the positive forces of love, make us take more risks, and most importantly make us believe that things can always be possible if only we continue to wish on them. Just because we can make decisions based solely on our wishes.

When in dark moments of our life, we always wish something would happen to embark us on a new travel, maybe a new way of life different, decorating a part of our living room, on a new phase.

Aren't wishes so important.

At this moment I wish I could have an antiques store where I could sell gorgeous Iznik style handcrafted plate of Ottoman art, vintage clothes, russian paintings, sculptures, and traditional turkish hammam set.

It is so good to wish, isn't it.

And, it was so kind of you all to express your sin
cere wishes on my birthday:) Delighted very much to hear about them! You wished in the best way, and in return I wanted to give my wishes with these gifts to two lucky person:

Beverly of How Sweet The Sound~ the sweetest heart in N. Carolina, USA

Mélanie of Le Petit Cabinet de Curiosités~ a parade of lofty pieces from Provence, FRANCE

Oh, here's I am still wishing from you both to let me know your delivery addresses; so I can mail them soon. Thank you for participating!


  1. Nihal, I can't believe this. Wow! You have made my day. I will be smiling all day thinking about your kindness. Thank you so very much. And, I will e-mail you my address.

    Wishes are very good. I think it is very interesting how are wishes change as the years pass.

    I wish you a life filled with joy and love. The joy you give others will surely return to you.

  2. Nihal , you are a gem !!!Hope your year will be full of joy , colors, tolerance and more just like Istanbul is. By receiving this gift ( for your birthday ...)I'm getting closer to Istanbul . I hope my plan for the end of the year will work.
    MERCI MERCI and mERCI et bisous bisous

  3. Wow, congratulations to Beverly and Melanie, enjoy those beautiful gifts.

  4. Congrats to the lady winners! Nice stuff, Nihal!

  5. Nihal,
    I hope you are doing well. I just read about the terrible storm you have had in Istanbul and thought of you right away. Take care!

  6. I wish you, that you are doing well! I saw the flood wave in the news and at once I thought at you.

  7. Ciao Nicole, ho letto del diluvio a Istanbul...tu come stai?
    Un caro saluto

  8. @ Nicola: Sono contento di dire che io e tutte le persone che amo non hanno avuto problemi dall'alluvione di Istanbul.

    La situazione a Istanbul oggi?
    Spero che presto tutto torna alla normalita', anche se per le famiglie delle vittime rimarra per sempre il dolore nei loro cuori.
    La mia questione, chi paghera?...
    E' sempre il popolo che paga gli errori dei politici, delle potenze economiche, delle lotte di religione.... sono sempre gli innocenti che pagano.

    Comunque meglio cosi', le tue notizie mi hanno fatto felice:) Sei sempre molto gentile.