Friday, September 18, 2009

One Man. One Plane.

"When I talk about Turkey to people I have a sense of pride... I have a sense of ownership. People beautiful. People friendly. You become an official ambassador when you travel." Costner told at a press conference in Istanbul in the beginning of current year, Jan 12 '09.

Academy Award-winning actor came here to play for a commercial. Directed by Fredrisk Callingaard, and broadcasted in 70 countries. Made at International Istanbul Atatürk Airport; here you go play:

Of course the aim of this commercial is not highlight the first class cabins, but the focus is on highlighting THY's (Turkish Airlines) business class product in the international area. Three new Boeing 777-300ER's are in service from Istanbul to Singapore. Service extended also to Hong Kong, London, New York and Tokyo. Seats are 2.1 meters in length, leaning a full 180 degrees. Ahh how it should be really relaxing to fly within flat-bed seats over long distance flights in new THY's Boeings...

Kevin Costner has not flown with Turkish Airlines before, but said "I have received commercial proposals before. What is important is to work with a company that gives importance to its clients. That is why I have chosen Turkish Airlines."

Shining star Turkish Airlines added that these two big brands, Costner and Turkish Airlines launch 2009 as the year of aviation.

To what I am informed, a dear friend of mine is flying to Hong Kong tonight at 23:00 for business to attend at Hong Kong's International Jewellery and Gem Fair from 23 to 27 Sep. via Turkish Airlines.
I also seriously wanted... take a flight, like him, and fly somewhere I haven't been before like Singapore, Hong Kong. Hope soon.

Feeling like a Star?
Oh you see how it comes easy! Not a problem as long as you make the right choice:)


  1. Oh Nihal, that's a very nice commercial! Just to watch it it makes you feel like flying a long distance flight with Turkish Airlines!

  2. Oh, I loved this CM's music "Feel like a star"! Very nice commercial with a very loveable person! :)

    You feel like flying with THY when you watch it!

    I love the scene with the Turkish family trying to take a picture and Kevin comes along teasing them! Very pretty! And the last touch of the passenger looking at the billboard, seeing himself as Kevin and 'feel like a star'!
    Cute scene really and a smart idea for using Kevin Costner in the CM who have never had a THY flight before!
    But what was that scene with the flight attendant? Was he trying to get her phone number? :)

    Very nice post in a nutshell, Nihal! Thanks so much for posting it!

  3. But then it was a pity that THY had a plane crash in Amsterdam Airport just when this CM was enjoying very nice ratings on TV!

    Oh, well...

  4. @ Inci: Oh, yeah I agree and like the ad. By far one of the best commercials of Turkey for my opinion. I'm sure it was an unforgettable experience for everyone in the crew, from film workers to the director, did a very good job. Cheers to Costner and Art Grup creative team:)

    How you explained very well the ad, but there's still one missing thing Inci. Some blues singer in the background keeps crooning, “I feel like a staaar,” as various Turkish Airlines employees smile vaguely at Costner left you out of eye: that lovely bookmark hanging our traditional evil eye blue bead placed in his book:)

    Who tries to get the phone number that I've no idea but remember love doesn't wait and ask address;)

    I know, I know that T. Airlines had a tragic crash but no worries as its possible anytime everywhere by any global airlines. Nothing can stop fame of Turkish Airlines because of its successful operations and customer satisfaction that years and years confirm.

    *Last word. Its much more intelligent than most ads about this very Turk-ish business*

  5. Makes me think I could like flying. I don't, I do it but I don't like it. A friend of ours is a pilot for American Airlines and flies those Triple 7's for them.


  6. That's a funny commercial...very clever.

  7. :) :) No no, Nihal, of course I noticed the evil eye bookmark! How could I have missed it as a big fan of evil eye beads?! :):)