Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Unfair Draw

Time again to review our Gooool status while approaching the end of World Cup 2010 qualifying rounds.

Sep 9th.
Wednesday evening.
Turkish team in the Bosnian city of Zenica.
In the first 5th minute,
Our player, Emre, stunned Bosnia.
Nationals up for 1-0.

In the 26th minute,
Bosnia equalized from a freekick.
1-1 closed the first half.

Second half started,
We went on full attack,
In the final moments of the game

We increased the pressure,
Our Arda hit the Bosnian post
In the 86th minute.

But result unchanging: Sep 9~ Bosnia vs Turkey: 1 - 1

Our team director Terim is very sad that we missed the chance
but still hopeful as we will have two more opportunities that we must take:

10/10/1009 Belgium vs Turkey


14/10/2009 Turkey vs Armenia

We now get a mixed bag of good and bad, fortune and misfortune, where chances of we're succeeding seem high but there is also a possibility of mishap. Latest standings in our Group5:

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