Friday, October 02, 2009

My World Is Not So Lonely

Be it your first time, or any Xth time. It does not matter.

Maybe you had a sleepless evening flight. It does not matter.

If it is Istanbul, nothing beats the excitement and the adrenaline rush as you drop your suitcases at the hotel, freshen up and then hit, hit, hit the ground running! Simply rush, rush, rush to do the 'obligatory' sights in the historical peninsula of the city and its greatest monuments like t h e m:

faithful guardsmen, piegons, in front of:
the New Mosque

fresh supply of world's all varieties of spices and herbs
in the City's (second big market):
Egyptian Bazaar

priceless beautiful gift of the Kaiser Wilhelm
to the Ottoman Sultan:
the Fountain of Wilhelm II (installed in 1898)

impatient walking around the heart of civil activities
as well as gathering place of the people
during the Byzantine Era:
ancient Hippodrome (built in 203)

curious eyes wanting to see
the oldest monument in the City,
and has always been considered magical:
the Obelisque of Theodosius I (in 390)

Justinian's great project, a prominent place of
in the history of art and architecture,
the 4th largest church building in the world today,
one of the world's eight wonders:
Haghia Sophia (537 AD)

It is early October. You could think that it's almost the official end of tourism season? No. Not yet for Istanbul.

Most lunch breaks, I try to take a couple minutes to walk around seeing what's going on. I noticed certain patterns of people hanging outside of the coffee shops, eating foods in the squares. It was also fun to pick out things that have been in front of me for quite a while, yet took irregular days to notice. Yes, summer is back:) So I thought it was worth pointing out.

Many tourists were enjoying this period of sunny, very warm weather autumn wandering the town seen above. Of course, famous Istanbul cats are also having pleasant time to sunbathing;)

Hope you like the Indian Summer Look in Istanbul through my lens.


  1. Güzel paylaşımınız ve verdiğiniz bilgiler için şükranlarımı sunuyorum.İyi çalışmalar.

  2. Oh my, Nihal!! Your latest post has brought tears to my eyes!! I missed, missed, missed so much my tour guide days!!! You posted pics from my favorite places of Istanbul, historical peninsula!
    I love Istanbul and I'd like to live in Ist again!

    Please keep up promoting our beautiful hometown!

  3. I've always wanted to visit Istanbul - and every time you post a little tour, my desire grows. Thank you.

  4. Nihal, many thanks for this interesting tour of Istanbul: I've walked together with you, in this wonderful sequence of pictures.
    Have a great weekend! :-)

  5. Dear Nihal, thanks for this beautiful tour around your wonderful city. I don't think there's high or low season to visit -there must be visitors all year long, winter in Istabul must have its charm too-.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Eccomi Nicole, per il mio buon fine settimana online.
    Un caro saluto e Torino ti aspetta :-)

  7. The great Queen city!
    Wonderful presentation.
    Regards from Thessaloniki.

  8. Your love for your city is evident in all of your posts. It is wonderful to live in a historical place in such a beautiful location.

  9. Thank you for your tour through Istanbul!


  10. Nihal, I would love to be able to visit your city, and experience all of these wonders. Maybe some day.

    We had a beautiful weekend here. The days were slightly cooler than the summer days just past, and the skies were a brilliant blue.

    Today it is raining, but we need rain, too.

  11. What a delightful tour you provided. I'd never get out of that fabulous looking market place and would miss the rest I'm sure.


  12. Merhaba Nihal, my aunt just came back from Turkey and bought my the girls a pair of very nice hand embroidered blouse, I would like to be there one day too. Hugs/meryem