Thursday, October 01, 2009

What's Your Drive?

...if I were to give anyone a gift, it would be that of:

Asian side, Istanbul

" Be like a river in generosity and helping others,
Be like the Sun in humanity and mercy,
Be like the night in hiding other's faults,
Be like a death in rage and grouch,
Be like the earth in modesty and humility,
Be like a sea in tolerance,
Seem like you are, or be like you seem."

Rumi [1207-1273]

It probably won't change your mind. You don't plan to be awesome because YOU JUST ARE. Awareness! It's important how we are setting ourselves up for great things.


  1. Nihal, this is perfect - and I love it.

    I am a firm believer that there is wonderful waiting for us everywhere. We just need to be open and willing.

  2. Rumi's words inspire me with great joy and optimism. The picture is beautiful. Thanks for this uplifting post, Nihal. :-)

  3. hi! i´ll add your link. hugs!

  4. Nice post Nihal..happy weekend. Love/Meryem

  5. Thought provoking. Thank you for this.