Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday Wrap Up





marcella; could not resist buying lots of Istanbul postcards and several guidebooks from the street sellers. loved my accessories like earring and necklaces. luisa; less-concentrated one in the group because she was the youngest one, so very keen on her beauty and physical aspect. paola; from the very first minute meeting each other, she loved me very much, and chatted too long as if we were old friends from the past. antonio; a wonderfully talented cool photographer. busy with details taking with his Nikon. i liked the color of his tee-shirt, a glaring purple. michele; eaten, eaten, eaten full up but not satisfied about the delicious turkish food! bought turkish delights in boxes:)

lawyer, academic employee, gynecologist, student, high school teacher as their professions.

In short, these so friendly, warm-hearted, 'cheerful' people come together from the Southern Italy; la regione Puglia. Their intention was to live and feel Istanbul. Marcella, Luisa, Antonio, Paola, Michele,... totally it was a group of 10 ppl in the group, if you don't count me and dear friend of mine, Mario, our guide but lives here.

Fabulous vistas, delicious turkish food...

This past Sunday we had a lovely time together touring and rediscovering the City, and our guests were too.

... if keeping together, a progress then learning together should be a success. Truth be told, we learnt together. "Too much" success is done for our Pugliese guests.

In Istanbul.

More soon.


  1. If the group from Italy is lucky enough to have your for their tour guide then they will go home filled with delights and information I'm sure.

    What fun!


  2. Next year Istanbul will be the cultural capital of Europe.I hope to make a trip there with my wife and friends.
    Have a nice week.
    Regards from Thessaloniki.

  3. Ciao un saluto da Torino, un pò più freddina, ma sempre bella, ieri un vento impetuoso a spazzato via tutto e le montagne sembrano a portata di mano:-)un incanto!! Ti abbraccio
    Un saluto ai tuoi amici

  4. At the previous place I worked there was a lovely young man from Turkey who aways brought back Turkish delight when he had been on vacation there. He told us the best Turkish Delight can not be kept long because they are made from fresh ingredients and not too sweet.

    Sorry I have been so long in responding to your comment on my blog, I liked the joke about the 45 degree photograph, a technicians eye! Don't worry about my negativity much, the post has a double meaning too ;)

  5. Nihal, you have been an excellent guide for the group from Italy, a very interesting tour indeed.
    I like the sequence of pictures.
    Have a great day!

  6. I am glad you had such a nice time with your friends.