Wednesday, October 14, 2009

That's Amore


Dig up your heart and sow the seeds of future today itself, because what you sow now, so shall you reap later.

I recently had the honor to attend two day extravaganza nuptials of my cousin Deha. The two families and ~200 guests from different parts of the country, together, share the experience. We were then down to the cocktail place where champagne and hors d'oeuvres were served. The highlight of the evening for me was the Henna Party, and the traditional music and songs that the bride's family hosted.

With fireworks exploding overhead, we dined and danced in celebration of the love for my cousin Deha (groom) and Gökçe (bride), for a wedding that I will never forget.

simple l elegance l love


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  1. I love to see those henna designs. They are so beautiful.

  2. weddings are so wonderful! I remember every single one I've ever been to - even my own :)

    (here's my c.v.)

  3. Merhaba Nihal, I have been busy...a cousin getting married, the children are flower girls and ring bearer, many things to buy...the dress, the if my daughter is getting married. Happy weekend and a big congrats to the beautiful bride and groom :P

  4. I went to a wedding in summer. It was all very fancy and the families must have been pretty well-off.

    One thing that struck me as amusing was this. For the official ceremony part, they had a PowerPoint presentations of pictures of the husband and wife to be, from childhood to teenager and today, with a different theme song. Hers was done very well. The theme music was something like.."You are the wind beneath my wings" something like that. But his?
    U2- "Still haven't found what I'm looking for" Huh, I thought. I wondered about that choice a lot.

  5. Yeni evli çifte bir ömür boyu mutluluklar ve aynı yastıkta ömür geçirmelerini dilerim.Saygılarımla.

  6. Hi nihal..thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving a comment, love it when I get new readers. Also I see M.Kate on here too!!

    No i don't have any postcards from your city..mostly Italy France and Canada.

  7. I would love to hear more about the henna party too!

    Nihal, I forgot that you speak Japanese. I would love to know the gist of the messages. The cards were supposed to be from World War II.

  8. Nihal ~ I was so happy to see you on Steviewren's blog! Some how I lost track of you!

    Lovely wedding and a handsome couple!

  9. @ Ian: Welcome and tks for your kind note. Sorry for not taking photos of henna designs. Next time I'll be on alert and share on my corner:)

    @ Kimmie: You too are welcome and tks for your nice comment:)

    @ Joe: Oh yes, important detail to pick a good wed song. If I were, I'd pick 'My Wish Came True' from Elvis but they didn't ask me, lol:)
    When I think of his song, I can't stop being curious: hope their was a happiness wed, but not unwilling wed. By the way, we brought the bride from Izmir, a city famous with its beautiful girls as you may know. Both works in banking sector, residing in Karşıyaka.

    @ Ilhami Bey: Iletilmistir, cok tesekkurler iyi dilekleriniz icin:)

    @ Anne: Nice to read your lovely note. Yes, I found you via M.Kate's blog. Have fun with your italian, french and canadian postcards.

    @ Steph: I'm fair fluent in japanese language -that I noted on my sidebar, profile section. Having extremely busy one, I can't help you about translation jap-to-eng of your; perhaps one day when I find some free time.