Saturday, October 17, 2009

God, Give Us More Light

This time of year, when the sky has been too cloudy, crazy rainy and the trees have just begun to show a way to winter, my hands holding a warm cup of coffee and a red cashmere shawl on my shoulders,

...we need light to see our way around.

Click on the photo to brighten up your place if you need light:)

~one of the Istanbul's
most bright and bustling attractions;

Egyptian Bazaar
with lamps, candles and colorful dancing lights~


  1. Dear Nihal, the light of the Egyptian Bazaar is a sunshine in my day today -a bit gloomy-. I enlarged it and it made me smile to see the beautiful crystal lamps. You seem to have a secret to make your readerships smile. I follow you with a warm cup of coffee here, also wrapped in a red shawl -the colour of passion and happiness-.

    Take care.

  2. Che belle queste lampade.
    Mi piacerebbe tanto entrare in quel bazaar.
    ciao ciao

  3. beautiful lights! Yes, it is also colder here than usual for this time of year. Normally, we do not need to turn on the heat until Thanksgiving, but when I came back in the house from morning activities with my boys it read 60 degree in the house. That is when you really no it is cold. I turned on the heat because I don't want the fish to die.

  4. That picture is doing a great job of brightening my day!

    I just finished reading an article in the new issue of Elle Decor about Istanbul. Very good.

  5. Nihal, this beautiful image surely brightens my weekend. What pleasant lamps in that Bazaar!
    I wish you a very happy Sunday!

  6. I like them all, lovely warm colors, I guess we need that having a long winter ahead of us

  7. Sono immagini veramente belle, le decorazioni dei lampadari sono very beautiful:-)
    Un caro saluto da una Torino freddina 1°,lì come va?

  8. What pretty lighting fixtures. I spend a lot of time in our sunroom during the winter. Even on grey days it is at least bright in there. A pretty red lampshade would be a great addition.


  9. What cheer they bring to rooms ! Beautiful!