Monday, October 19, 2009

Extending The Life Of A Strawberry


it has flowers that look like blueberry flowers..

it has red globose fruits that look like round strawberries..

but I talk about something different than strawberry that we knew..

Maybe you could ask me what's that strawberry talking right now in

Olmaz demeyin, oluyor. Ben de yeni öğrendim!

Yes, we can talk about it!

Because of its fruits, it is called Strawberry Tree; but not produces strawberry of course! As you see in my photos, they are .75 in (=2 cm) large, edible, velvet touch of a surface and pretty nice red colored.

It's native to Ireland, southern Europe like France, and the western M
editerranean countries like Turkey, Greece, Lebanon. You think, it does best in hot climates, with cool, wet winters and also mild, dry summers. It grows in rocky and well-drained soils. However, it doesn't do as well in continental climates with hot, humid summers and cold winters.

With its little pinkish flowers, this pretty reddish fruits through its shiny greenery, strawberry tree is now blooming and fruiting in these days of autumn! When I was visiting my aunt in her village Gönen, I could not leave them on the trees but picked, and brought a big bag of freshly picked strawberries to the home in Istanbul
. Then photographed. It was my first time to meet such an interesting fruit:)

In turkish language, we call it Yaban dağ çileği, Davulga, or Kocayemiş as most of the locals do. In some places of the country people used to call Ayı yemişi (English: Bear fruit) because the bears like it very much, so named like that, so funny:)

Let's go some botanical?

Comes from Ericaceae family, having a scientific name of Arbutus Unedo. Botany lovers can read more about it here. The Latin "un edo" th
at means "I eat only once" Does not mean that this fruit has an awfull taste, but lacks the acidity and fragrant flesh that would make it very popular and be seen in the markets ever so often.

I have to say I enjoyed this fruit, ate more than once,
many many I forgot to count... and they are delicious.

I still eat strawberries in autumn,
how about you?


  1. Nihal, I've never heard of these before, but they certainly look and sound delicious.

    I love berries!

  2. Dear Nihal,I think strawberry season finished yet in our Marmara region.Thanksgiving for important details about strawberry.We are lucky,we eat during 20 days in time.Best wishes.stay well.

  3. I have never heard of them! Beautiful. I wonder if I can find them in the local bazaar here in Izmir. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful and informative post, Nihal! I like very much "strawberries + red wine + sugar" in a nice glass (or cup).
    Have a very good day!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I have never heard about this fruit before! You learn something new everyday!

  6. @ Joe: For sure you should find it there. Search it in your local bazaars. Try to spell its turkish names like davulga or yaban dağçileği when asking.

    One thing, you can try red berries topped with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon. I tried this way, so delicious, simple and fresh you'll want it every day of the week:)

    @ Pietro: But strawberries can be placed with these tiny mini red berries? I guess not? Anyway, I'd like to try your recipe this weekend, seems interesting:) Thanks so much for sharing.