Friday, October 23, 2009

My House With A Rainbow

I have been noticing a rainbow in the nature lately!




October looks like a vase of gorgeous flowers, pumpkins that making their orange debut, vintage things like changing leaves... As I was touring around the home yesterday I realized there were certainly much more but these flowers stood out for me and my camera.

An old Chinese proverb says that ''Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand''.
Thinking refers to ''show me''. And that makes a bridge between (my)telling and (your)understanding. So will you let me understand you and your thoughts about my question:

Do you have any idea why I published this post?
In other words, what message I wanted to give?


  1. Bellissimo omaggio floreale o forse no :-) buon fine settimana, cara Nicole :-) e a presto

  2. Nihal, I hope you published this post because of a positive event in your life. In this charming sequence, I notice the interesting repetition of the same image: B&W and in color.
    About snow here in Piedmont, the photo of my post was taken last Sunday at 1300m, the snow you see on the mountain is at about 1600m.
    Happy weekend! :-)

  3. Hum, now you have me wondering what is going on in your life. Is it something than you have been seeing as black and white, and now you have allowed yourself to see the true colors?

    Your photos are exquisite.

  4. Just guessing here - you are comparing seeing life in black and white to seeing life with all its glorious color.


  5. My lovelies, thanks for your kind thoughts.
    The hidden message is 'nature beauty of the colors' and 'let's give our appreciation because of so wonderful colored nature that we have'.

    As simple as that, don't you think so:)