Saturday, October 24, 2009

Access To The Digital Marketing

Ads from the 30's to 63's Turkey, depicting the distant past... check out these ads published across the country:

top 4:

} cuff-link,
} first Turkish commercial Ziraat Bank,
Turkish lemon cologne -if you visit a Turkish house the first thing you are offered cologne and candy,
} came Anadol -industry producing the first Turkish automobile,

and, Harley-Davidson motorbikes arrived in 1936 in Turkey!

below 4:

} Coca cola,
} British Harrison footwear knit-machine,
} flour for the kids,
} gasworks for public health

Moi(me) and about three other people got to talk early this morning about design thinking, industry, power of visual thinking, marketing in digital age and messages to the experience.

I love experiencing this stuff because I spend most of my time thinking on screen. Being able to observe, to be understandable, connect strategies, be a visual thinker and have enough ability to evaluate that all seem to be the skills most people are striving in today's marketing world.

I am wondering.. We are wondering what visions of the future being made today will be true in 2025... Whether we will see another access different than digital?


  1. Nice vintage ads, Nihal. The digital era is great, but these ones have their charm.

    Take care.

  2. Great. I love looking at vintage advertisements, magazines, newspapers, catalog, etc. The need to appeal to the masses has been around forever.

    We purchased our first VCR in 1981, and it cost $1500. Now you can get a dvd player for less that $100. Amazing!

  3. Nice vintage. I like new things but also old things.
    I wonder too what will be in 2025 probably it will still be digital maybe we have to wait for 100 years or more before things are really different but we can not know what the near future will bring also.

  4. What a wonderful old vintage-y ads. I love them now..not before but now I do. Tks for your latest comment, oh, I have not forgotten Nihal but I have been really busy with a wedding coming up this weekend and when that's done, I'll be back to you later. Chat soon. happy week ahead my friend..meryem...

  5. @ Meryam: Oh! Again, your kind understanding leaves me speechless. Sending warm thoughts from rainy istanbul. Have a lovely merry happy week, much love to you:)