Monday, October 26, 2009

Green-Chic Ideas Cost Up To $2

A very good summation of eco-and-green-chic ideas for our homes! I've been a fan of his work!

Danny Seo, green style guru and also author of the Simply Green book series shows us how to create one-of-a-kind items out of things you might consider disposable. So far so good. His blog is also worth to bookmark. I think you will be fascinated to see how his ideas helping recreate the green chicness at our homes:

You can find new purpose for mismatched dinnerware sets in the form of a tiered serving tray for hors d'oeuvres or desserts, or use as a catch-all jewelery, keys and other small knicknacks. But how?

1-Gather three plates and two cups.
2-Alternating between plates of descending size, using teacups as spacers between the tiers, glue the dishes together with a strong epoxy.
3-Allow the glue to dry overnight.

Cost ~$2 and here what you'll have: Tiered Tray

You can turn those winter scarves collecting dust in the back of your closet into one-of-a-kind blankets. But how?

1-Pair up six or seven scarves with complementary colors and a variety of textures.
2-Cut them to equal length and sew together, edge to edge. For
extra warmth, you can sew on a fabric backing in a similar shade.

Cost ~$0 and here what you'll have: Scarf Quilt

You can melt down the dregs burned-out candles to make new ones in old flowerpots. But how?

1-Scrub the inside of the pot only, leaving the outside aged.
2-Use a coin to cover the drainage hole in.
3-Insert a ready-made stiff cotton wick, or make your own wick out of cotton twine. To hold the wick upright, tie one end loosely to a pencil laid across the top of the pot.
4-Melt chunks of old candles in a pot set over a low flame or in a double boiler. Pour the liquid wax into the flowerpots.
5-Let set overnight and then trim the wick.

Cost ~$2 and here what you'll have: Rustic Candles

Examples like these are quite valuable. Being a part of healthy eco-green system means that you will save today for a greener future, for a beautiful future. It made me happy to apply above three this past Sunday, I liked the ideas very much. You'll also never regret the time you put into it. Note that you can find other useful great ideas on eco-chic ideas

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  1. I like to see things repurposed, recycled, used in different ways. The candles really caught my eye.