Wednesday, October 28, 2009

L'acqua I Humanity I Gladness

Built in neo-Byzantine style in Germany,

Decorated with gorgeous gold-mosaics the dome's interior,

Constructed in 1898 autumn,

Placed in the entrance of old Hippodrome (Sultanahmet Square) of Istanbul in 1900.

This beautiful fountain stood at eight marble columns with the octagonal dome was the gift from the German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859 - 1941) to Sultan Abdulhamid II (1842 - 1918) who was the 34th sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and the City Istanbul.

The German Fountain
(or as we call Alman Çeşmesi in turkish)

was a gratitude remembrance
for his Istanbul visit to Ottoman Sultan.

I can not think of any best present eternally dedicated in the world of humanity: a fountain.

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You can reach to more articles of this week's Corner View theme that's about our only drink 'water' at Dana's {Lumignano: Home Base}

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PS- Enjoy my photos as they are clickable for a larger size.


  1. thats a beautiful take on water! a water fountain...:)
    and beautiful pics

  2. Nihal, this is perfect. And, what a gorgeous spot.

    Guess what I just received in the mail? ;-) I love it. It is so soft and the smell is delightful. Thank you so much for thinking of me, my dear friend.

  3. Nihal, what a nice and informative post. The fountain is really splendid and your photos depict it so well.
    I'm very glad you enjoyed my post. The hidden message of your previous post is true: this wonderful colored nature is a great gift of God.
    Have a beautiful day!

  4. absolutely beautiful, and yes...there is no greater monument to humanity. bravo.

  5. Its a Precious gift! We have some old Turkish fountains in the old town area of Thessaloniki.
    Fresh air and water are the most precious gifts.
    Have a nice weekend Nihal.
    Regards from a sunny Thessaloniki.

  6. what a beautiful water fountain and to present it as a gift - that's wonderful.

  7. Bellissime immagini...come sempre, buon fine settimana, cara Nicole :-)

  8. Beautiful fountain Nihal..and beautifully written too, love.m

  9. The designs and colors are so pretty. So exotic...only to be found in an equally exotic least to me.

  10. Beautiful colors together , love it !
    Rini the Netherlands

  11. German Fountain is so beatiful.
    Sultanahmet is our dream destination.