Saturday, October 31, 2009

We Are In The Grandstand

So sad to say we could not make the cut after unbelievable Euro run! In October we tried for the final 2-matches and the scores realized like these:

Oct 10~ Belgium vs Turkey: 2 - 0

Oct 14~ Turkey vs Armenia: 2 - 0

The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be the first time in history that an African country hosts the competition. South Africa will be after beating out other African countries like Egypt and Morocco. Therefore for four weeks next year South Africa will be the centre of the world. It's too frustrating and hard to believe that a team demonstrating such high-quality games was disqualified from WC 2010: oh my country's, Turkish team!

Seen in the last standings table above, Spain stays perfect in the qualifiers and goes into the South Africa as one of my favorites.

Other than Spain as qualified teams?

Well. Speaking about Europe, they are:

Denmark (Gr 1)
Switzerland (Gr 2)
Slovakia (Gr 3)
Germany (Gr 4)
Spain (Gr 5)
England (Gr 6)
Serbia (Gr 7)
Italy (Gr 8)
Netherlands (Gr 9)

Even though the results will be impossible to predict the only thing I could say is that there will be excitement and chaos in the biggest tournament in football.

Nothing more to reportage after today, at least for our team. You know where you can find us:



  1. Have a very nice Sunday, Nihal! :-)

  2. Dear Nihal unfortunately we in trübin while this organization and we will watch at tv all football matchs.Best wishes and regards,have a nice weekend,stay well.