Sunday, November 01, 2009

Scenes From A Fall Garden

...If I see I learn.

I found the door opened! Let's step in and start learning.

Guess there might be something romantic and wistful about a garden this autumn...

chicken, rooster, cow,... which one is the sheriff;)

tell me what can be better than picking grapes direct from the trees? I did, I did.

roof line from a country house, but makes me curious if the isolation system is done properly?

after yellow-filled summer, gorgeous orange color takes the place.

ah! i do miss my mother's pumpkin dessert with walnut over it.

new life, new growth.. Old has to go away.

who can resist this really cute goose print? Oh only joke, that is real:)

winter preparations do not wait.

in the distance is beehives,

so lovely necklace to be found on the walls: red peppers.

From the photos above, I took you to revisit the garden and around of the village in Gönen. Last month I was off this historical village for a weekend escape.

Was not it confirmed again: "If I listen I forget. If I write I remember. If I see I learn." as said in a Japanese proverb.

+++Hope you found a few sweet interesting things to learn from this go-giver tour:)


  1. Thanks for these beautiful pictures of autumn, Nihal. I hope you had fun in Gönen!

  2. I love the pictures, it must have been a nice trip.

  3. Dear Nihal,You beleive it village life is necessary for relax,when ı have spare time I go my village dogs,sheeps,goats,garden works forget our days stress and tired.I congrulate for you to take excellent photos from unknown village.Stay well.Have a nice days.

  4. Nihal, your photos are lovely. I learned that even though you are far away, we can see similar scenes in our worlds.

    Ah, I dare guess the rooster is the sheriff. ;-)

  5. I like the structure of the wall, very interesting the wooden beam strengthened by bricks. It used to be a common style of home construction in France, England and in Germany but not so much here.

  6. That was a great tour, I love old gardens with their character,


  7. What peaceful place to spend a weekend in nature dear Nihal ... I don't know if I can permanently live in the countryside but I love the simplicity of the country life :-)

    Have a great new week!

  8. Hello Nihal! I've enjoyed so much this nice trip through the countryside accompanied by your always pleasant words. I'm glad you had a good time there. The pictures are all so beautiful.
    Have a great week ahead!

  9. Hallo Nihal , I will be a follower of your site .I hope to visit you often in the future.
    Love from the netherlands Rini

  10. Lovely post Nihal..and I would love to be picking grapes one day. They cant grow here unfortunately..happy week ahead my friend..hugs/M

  11. Some great shots-- thank you for sharing! Even though this isn't the "contrasts" corner view, there are some contrasts in it!

  12. @ Ilhami Bey: Photos from unknown village? Nope. The name of the village is Hasanbey Köyü in district of Gönen, Balikesir province. It's worth a visit indeed. May you have a chance to see this small village. Again, big big thanks for your lovely comment.

    @ Cherry: Because of my busyness at work, I don't have the luxury to be able to participate for weekly CV event on every Wed's. I think your corner view written about contrasts was the best one against to my (not written) CV;)
    Thanks for nice comment and hope to see you again~