Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mood-lifting Sunday

Today I was strolling down the Bagdat Avenue (Turkish: Bagdat Caddesi). A couple of miles long. One of the nice places to watch modern part of the City. On the Asian side. Where is I live:)

Every year around this time this lively area becomes like a very chic party girl! Decorated so beautifully, young millions of city folk walk up or down from one to another fashion stores, enjoying their time.

This is her other face that is still to be seen, I think. Most of us consider Old Istanbul, historical Istanbul but Istanbul is such a special place that there is no one fact! As said before, how many times you have been here that's no matter, there is always more to discover here:)

Oh yes agree, awesome!

I [love] this rosy beautiful part of the town, but
I endure it with patience. One who loves roses should endure the thorns that said, everytime almost every hour there is a frustrating traffic jam on the Avenue. Always being a problem aside, it was 17 celcius degrees today!!! In the mid of december! You know it means perfect weather, not-so-wintery weather. Rarely sunny, mostly cloudy, but enough warm out.

I think there's a blank page that needs to be filled by the sister part. Wondering what sort of preparations made beyond the Bosphorus Bridge. See you soon in Europe:)


  1. Happy Sunday to you, dear Nihal. Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

    Istanbul is such a beautiful city, and it looks quite festive decorated for the holidays.

  2. Surprise, Surprise, thank you very much for the great and beautiful card.
    You didn't have to do that but I'm very glad you did.

    Nice pictures of a "it looks like spring" Istanbul.
    We are used to have traffic jams all the time but on Texel it's not that bad.

    Have a great Holiday, see you later.

  3. @ Dick: I'm very glad that it arrived before Noel:) Am wishing you and yours a magical celebration with joy.

  4. Looks like a nice Sunday walk ... and +17 C. Very nice. Happy holidays :-)

  5. Hi Nihal! These are wonderful views of the modern Istanbul, really very pleasant, for the houses, the shops, the roads, the people. Another very nice tour of your great city.
    About sweets, when you are on holiday do you eat cakes? :-)
    Happy new week!

  6. Beautiful and fantastic post !! Great post !! Thanks for sharing

  7. Ciao carissima Nicole, qui oggi è uscito il sono i prati innevati ed il Valentino, uno dei bellissimi parchi con castello medioevale è un incanto..ti abbraccio e grazie del tuo affetto virtuale, per ora, speriamo di conoscerti:-) Kiss
    Belli i negozi delle foto:-)

  8. Thanks for the walk in these beautiful places !

    Happy holidays...

  9. @ Dorte: So nice to see you:) Many thanks for your wishes, and Happy Joyful Holidays to you.

    @ Pietro: Yeap, I spoil myself on holidays and my b*day by arming myself with a few strategies for eating sweets ie in SMALL portions and VERY slowly:)

  10. thank you for this tour. i might be going to your part of the world this year. i´ll keep you posted. hugs!