Monday, December 07, 2009

Most Imposing Of All Stones


Taşların en heybetlisi bu olsa gerek...

19.59 meters high

25.60 meters including the base
made of so lovely rare pink granite
originally erected in Egypt by Pharaoh Tuthmosis III
then brought to Istanbul by Theodosius I in 390

Over the marble pedestal,
the colossal obelisk rests on four bronze blocks:

on its four sides, depicting the battle victories of Tuthmosis III

on the banks of river Euphrates in 1450 BC

Amazing reliefs from
everyday life of the imperial families
on the marble base:

submission of the barbarians on the west face

the obelisk erection represented by
the emporer and its cou
rt on the south face

offering laurels of victory by
Theodosius I
seated on his throne,
his wife and children at his side on the east face

Hippodrome, or Sultanahmet Square was one of the biggest in the ancient times after Circus Maximus in Rome. Just imagine; a seating capacity of 30,000 and length: 400 m, width: 120 m. During Byzantine period it was used for important functions such as political arena, sport and decorative. When it comes to be decorative purpose, that was acting like an open air museum with displays of columns, statues, obelisks, sunclocks and monuments from all over the world here.

The Obelisk of Thedosius I, the Egyptian Obelisk or as we call in turkish 'Dikilitaş' stands in the heart of the old town, Hippodrome.

I consider the most magical one among 3-columns that all
still stand in Hippodrome Egyptian Obelisk, Serpentine Column and Constantine Obelisk is the Egyptian Obelisk as well as the oldest monument in the City.

The Luxor obelisk in Paris, the Washington monument in D.C., eight ancient Egyptian obelisks and five ancient Roman obelisks all in Rome are only a few obelisks of world that I have seen so far.

And you? Did you see any?


  1. Dear Nihal we have learned technicial details and information your way,thank you your sharing.I wish succes wörk and extending by respect and love.

  2. Hai postato un pezzo di storia, complimenti :-)
    Rirì sta bene e ti saluta, grazie del pensiero e a presto nell'attesa di trovarci a Torino :-)
    Un caro saluto

  3. @ Nicola: Spero di esserci, vorrei io conoscere tutti voi, e magari..
    Un salutino veloce quindi:)

  4. Nihal, you have well illustrated the Egyptian Obelisk, with very interesting images in different perspectives and light. This is really an excellent post.
    About Turin, yes, my town is renowned for the FIAT, and also for the great beauty of its monuments of the Baroque period, built by the leading 17th century architects such as Guarini and Juvarra.
    Have a very nice day :-)

  5. Sono incantata, mi fermerei per ore..un bacio da Torino

  6. Oh my, Nihal. This post is fascinating. Such an incredible work of art.

    I have seen the Washington Monument.

  7. those carvings are amazing!

  8. Ciao Nicole :-) tutto bene ?
    Un caro saluto :-)

  9. Wow ! Nice and interesting report ! Thanks !

  10. A great sultanahmet monument.

    Sultanahmet is like a miracle.

    Thanks for your sharing.

  11. @ Sultan: There are so many journals dedicated to the capital of capital cities (Ist'l) but yours is the one I liked the most up to now. Thank you, too:)