Saturday, December 05, 2009

Make A Difference


Oh my! We are again in the season of gift wrapping. It's one of my most liking pleasures, and I have been having a lot of fun doing them so nicely and chic.

My empty boxes are ready to be fulfilled. Additionally, I handmade my felt christmas socks as you see:

This year my theme is recycling! Therefore I will use the magazine pages as packaging paper to wrap my gifts for these pretties, and colorful bows made from used book pages.

I have a few more in the works, but just wanted to share this one with all of you. Really very good than I supposed to be. I like very much my eco-wrapped-gift, and highly advice you all not to spend extra cents for fancy papers.

Just the time to save the nature as usual! Let's go green and think about future generations!

While I am trying to get everything done this weekend, I leave you with a cool music video of Istanbul, featured on two sides along Bosphorus strait . I think you will love watching it and also the fusion music which combines our traditional dynamics in rhythm and style:


Source: Thanks to darling Rebecca in Seattle for sharing this video:) You can visit her at CulturaLinks USA to see their programs to Turkey and how Bridging Borders, East to West.


  1. Hi Nihal

    Good idea to wrap things in old newspapers, if everyone would do it would save a lot of trees. I wonder what is in the package, lol.

  2. What a pretty package! I might try doing that and using some natural elements, too.

    Enjoyed your post. Happy Pink Saturday to you...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Hi Nihal:

    Finally got a moment to stop by. Just wanted to say thanks for participating in the *gift of jewels* giveaway. Hope you win something.

    I love recycling...I think it is such a wonderful thing to do for the earth.

  4. It's those simple things that can make a big difference to anything we do. Your handmade felt stocking is rather cute :)

    Thank you for entering my Christmas Giveaway - all the best with it.

    ciao for now,

  5. Buon inizio settimana, Nicole :-)

  6. Hi Nihal
    Thanks for reading my recent blogs with so much interest and leaving your wondeful comments.
    Congratulations on your drive to promote eco friendly materials for Christmas. They look marvelous yet cost effective.

  7. Green wrapping is great. I love your felt stocking too.


  8. @ Sheila, Se'Lah and Elena: Huge thank-yous for your lovely notes and visiting CR:) Going green is very important to all of us, and to our planet so am grateful to see how respectful and responsible readers I have:)