Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Little Vital Details


You too

~feel secure
~providing privacy
~enjoying life

he home we create inside and outside our walls is definitely a reflection of us. It is what comforts us. It is our own space. Of course, family times are truly what make a house a home.

But for me, I would want to see the cheerful colors, interesting designs, paintings, lovely curves, crafts...

Actually details are a great therapy for my soul when I enter in. In them, I find myself. Attention to the excellence. I find memories of warmth and love and care that surround me. I know continuous love that is always there. Oh yes, the joy of crafting! It is also alive and well, in my heart and in my home. That's true, I love details and they make not my home but the main code of my personality as well:)

I believe that behind closed doors it is a different story! Visit Jane's and observe secretly the homes of people;)


  1. Nihal, there is great elegance in this nice post. I enjoy the subject and all the refined images.
    About your question, the Basilica di Superga is a baroque architecture, designed by Filippo Juvarra and inaugurated in 1731. It's a long time I haven't been up there: I think there is heavy traffic during the weekend, not on working days. I'll surely take some closer photos and also, if possible, pictures of the inside of the basilica.
    Have a very nice evening!

  2. hi nihal! your details are wonderful. thanks for this very creative post. besos! and thank you for the invitation- i´d love to come and hang out with you!

  3. I share the love of details! Beautiful photos, very evocative...

  4. Nihal, you could have written these very words to describe the way I feel, too.

    I believe we are kindred spirits.

  5. nihal your posts are so thoughful. they make me want to write more. thank you for sharing your corners.

  6. Details and therapy... Interesting concept ;) I like your pictures... there is art and o kind of sweet joy everywhere...