Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thisember Question - Why Are You Online?

Can you reply to this for me:

"What do you do with technology?" or "Why are you online?"

There's no difference. And, it is the same:

#1. Editorial experience
#2. Community building
#3. M a r k e t i n g

What's interesting to me is that many of us as bloggers today are loving with the space that we belong to, and each one of us look
s more like a unique marketers.

A bit of passion, some work, willingness, openness to communication and focus on giving are a couple of req'ed tools, so you can potentially reach anyone who has that same access, then put the ideas out, and see what others think and how they may add their own thoughts.

Even though the approaches and attitudes remain the same as above, the most interesting and creative thing that happened to m a r k e t i n g since it was invented is the digital media. To be fair, the questions I hear both in real life and digital platforms I'm in have all the usual suspects:

1) traditional or digital? is it the end of traditional media and advertising?
2) what's the next thing in digital world?
3) where's the creativity?
4) what type of agency would rule the world in 10 years?
5) what's the future of digital agency?
6) Ad budgets.. how many % of total Ad spending should be devoted to digital pie?
7)what's the impact of social media in branding?
8) how to use less money to be more effective?

Lots. Questions about the digital marketing challenge that are waiting to answered. And, in fact, it is about how to create more intelligent stuff!

With the prominent names in the marketing industry like Don Peppers, Steve Barnett, Joseph Pine, Jonas Ridderstrale,.... we will search for answers and it will be a crowded event for sure: 10th Marketing Conference & Exhibition to be held on Dec 10-11, in Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center.

For more visit www.10pazarlamazirvesi.com

Effects of Kyoto protocols, efficient water and energy utility options, improving the quality of air and water in establishments, recycling,...

Secondly, Green thinkers will come together to talk about new trends and developments for a green future on a single platform at Green Institutions Conference on Dec 15, at Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul.

For more visit www.yesiltesislerkonferansi.com

So, I am thrilled to be joining both of them. Love of learning and how to cultivate in this month: December

What is in your agenda this month?

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  1. You are attending both conferences? That should be a great experience. Of course the Green Thinkers appeals to me. Can't wait to read what ideas you come away with.