Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's Your Take?

I know what color you are inspired by the year end (: red)
I know what you are waiting (: lights go out and let off fireworks)

but do you know what I am watching?

The yellow's rise for the new!

that's unpredictable warm
. my heart dancing. full of go. more direct and realistic. Here is a year's worth of my favorite Istanbul yellows:

34 =Istanbul interurban traffic code

longitudinal greengrocery!

It's an unusual december. Pretty perfect beyond the words. I am sure it's time to rediscover the most inspiring City in the World! In the Sun. More yellow's will be expanding in the New 2010.

So never say what happens, happens.
Make a difference to your diversity.

NB. Taken photos in today's sunny break at lunch time, my living zone. Bagdat Ave on the Asian side.


  1. The Lambretta scooter and the bistrot win in my judgement!
    Fabulous images, N!! Have you been to visit my new photoblog?
    Roma Every Day

    Ciao and have a spectacular 2010,
    Eleonora (Lola) xx

    (sorry I made a typo)

  2. Con la lambretta fai più in fretta a raggiungere l'anno nuovo...bellissime le immagini...
    Un caro saluto :-)

  3. Wonderful pictures, Nihal! That well-kept Lambretta with its bright yellow color is really amazing.
    I wish you a Very Happy 2010!

  4. Everything is white here and it is very cold. It warms me up just to look at all the sunny yellow things in this post. My favorite is that big bright yellow flower. :-)

  5. Did you know that yellow is my favorite color. It always has been, and always will be.