Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy . Mutlu . Felice 2010

the modern centerpiece of
the historic Akaretler Row Houses, Maçka -Ist'l

~ to continue to think only of the best whatever I do,
~ to believe in the power of now,
~ to be xtra large for worry,
~ to show them what's real but accept that there's no time to criticize others,
~ to proclaim that I am true to the best that's in me.

I put my words to guide me this year. I am excited. I want to welcome changes but on the further side of making a wish to be healthy and happy, I promise myself in a few important points how to use them.

As most of you think and place a classic title like Adieu 2009, goodbye old year but I do not agree with this way of thinking!

What is gone? 2009? And where? No, there we have it: a big year with its happy and unhappy, easy and trouble moments already placed in our lives. We can forget 2009? Bien sure no. Now we are ready to add 1 more year in our life. Hopefully in great deeds, in great optimism looking at the sunny side of everything for everytime:)

Mutlu Yıllar tout la monde!

mutlu.happy.yı year.mutlu.happy.yı year.


  1. Hi Nihal, I wish you a healthy 2010, filled with peace, happiness and love. My best wishes and congratulations for your positiveness. Don't change. Please. ;)

  2. I wish you a very Serene and Happy New Year, Nihal!
    In this universe time flies inexorably! :-)

  3. Happy New Year dear Nihal! May 2010 be an unforgetably beautiful year for you, may all your dreams and wishes come true! Ciao! :-)

  4. Happy New Year, I wish you health and happiness and all other good things you can think of.

  5. Dear Nihal, I wish you and your family a very happy and creative 2010 !!

  6. About your question, Piazza San Carlo was surely crowded in the Eve (I was not there). Sometimes there are concerts of music bands and variety shows, but I think it's not the right place to have them: the Piazza is too old, too precious, too delicate.
    Happy weekend, Nihal!

  7. What a lovely way to view the year that has passed!! No one can escape the "ups and downs" of life so we just take it and make the best of each day, each week, each year. I have wished you a Happy New Year already, but I wish it again........Happy 2010!!

  8. Hi Nihal,

    Thank you so much for finding me and leaving a I could in turn find you! Such a gorgeous blog! I was in Istanbul for my very first time the first 2 weeks of October 2009. I loved it madly. I will return. Must see that shopping district you pictured. I was in Taxim square a couple times, the prince's islands, etc.

    So happy to follow along with you in 2010. Happy New year!!

    xo, Graciel

  9. Hej Nihal,

    Happy New Year of 2010

    (( hug ))

  10. Happy 2010 to you! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello! Suzie

  11. Nihal, thanks for your always nice comments on my blog. About Turin in these days, there is great quiet and few people are in town because of Christmas and New Year holidays. I would say Turin is almost deserted as in Ferragosto. Many people will come back tomorrow, others after the Epiphany (6th January).
    Happy Sunday!

  12. Very Happy New Year!
    Best wishes for 2010!

  13. @ Graciel and Suzie: I am thankful for both of you that visit my page. Yes, Ist'l is a 'must destination' for everyone. Glad that you did it your way:) My hope that the wind brings you again to this City you loved.
    Happy New Year wishes to you, too~