Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nobody Is Alive Here?

Not favorable conditions,
Security problems,
Difficulties for humanitarian help distribution,
Destroyed communication lines,
Damaged transportation ways,
Too difficult to organize rescue efforts...

103 saat sonra gün ışığı
The daylight after 103 hours

My mind is tired, my heart is tired. I think you should be feeling the same heavy thoughts of quake-devastated Haiti. As I (and you) go about normal day of working, sleeping, drinking, enjoying the life, sleeping in utmost comfort, what does it look like for those victims in that very poor land? This is the biggest tragedy we have seen so far.

And, miracles still to happen!

On Jan 17, the fifth straight day, our team dragged out survivors through the rubble of capital Port-au-Prince where the bodies piled up.

Before too long today we heard another success story in our paper (above)! O
ur rescue team managed to save five survivors under the rubble of a shopping mall Caribbean Center where other rescue teams from Venezuela, Iceland and the US had earlier left signs saying ''nobody is alive here''.

Both of these happy news made me so proud of their great efforts and risked their lives to rescue the people; so thanks to the Turkish Red Crescent team because of their heroic actions.

Stated that Turkey will widen aid efforts for the region and our rescue team will also continue non-stop in cooperation with local and other UN forces.

There is still hope! Thank God for that. Of course, positive thoughts, positive energy, our prayers and light is powerful, and will be.


  1. A very significant post, Nihal. Some people ask: "Where was God?". I think the question is logical from the human point of view, but can't have an answer because starts off on the wrong foot.
    Have a nice day :-)

  2. Sad to witness this calamity. Hope lies eternal.