Saturday, January 16, 2010

Someone To Get Off HERE!


Everyone seems so excited TODAY. A very important event makes the City visible in the international platform. You know, we are celebrating taking the title of 2010 European Capital of Culture TONIGHT, with other capitals Essen in Germany and Pécs in Hungary as well.

So far, you have seen my Istanbul:

Understand Istanbul
Since 1453, the artists of yesterday and today presenting the traditional Turkish Book Arts; calligraphy, hat, ebru, miniature.

Enjoy Istanbul
Maritime culture and projects, sailing races.

Soul Istanbul
Both national and international artists at work.

Treasures Istanbul
Cultural heritage at Topkapi Palace Museum.

Come Closer Istanbul
Deeply layered and inspirational sound cultures of the country
with an open approach by our harpist Şirin Pancaroğlu.

Romantic Istanbul
Art and technology around city symbol, tulips.

Feel Istancool
An exciting meeting point in the Bosphorus: old and new, East and West, Asia and Europe.

And, Still Magical. Still A Secret City, Istanbul!
God's protector angel with 6 wings,
Seraphim is unearthed in Hagia Sophia after 160 years of darkness! Just short time ago.


Hereafter, I want to see your Istanbul. May I?


I'd love to see your photos if you come to see this Capital of Culture and share on your website! For you, we did many, many, many important works which have not been easy that stressed us to create a recognition culture center as investment for future: decorations, modernization, reconstruction and glorification of the past, renovation and
restorations of cultural sites.

So the rich culture year began with us. With pride. It will continue with you throughout the year!
Come and see how much gold is glittering in Istanbul.

The festive celebrations are about to start. Fireworks, live concerts, open museums, balloon shows, and so forth.
Until then, let me enjoy the lights:)

Source: Most of the images used here come up from a related press newsletter.


  1. Hello Nihal,

    it's really a pleasure to read your posts.
    Thanks for following my blog, I'll certainly do the same. Keep in touch and let's share our ideas and experiences about Istanbul!


  2. Kıymetli Nihal hanım,güzel kentimizi bundan daha iyi tanıtma ,dolayısıyla birçok insanın gezme ve tanıma fırsatı bulması imkansızdı,şahsen ben yapılanlardan ve organizasyondan gurur duydum.Bu sayede İstanbulun birçok ülkede tanıtımının yapılacağı kesindir.Katılımcılara hoş geldiniz,görevlilere kolaylıklar diliyor,sizede sevgi ve saygılarımı iletiyorum.Hoşca kalın.

  3. Wonderful shots, you've captured the harpist really good, I like the romantic tulip picture very much too.

  4. @ Dick: Oohh how I forgot to place a deepnote, but those images are not my own. Found them all from a press newsletter. Only the pink tulip photo is one I took last year in Ist Int'l Tulip Festival:)

    @ Sandra: More than happy to see your visiting, 'hoşgeldin':) I do appreciate your efforts about the intro of Istanbul and our priceless jewels. Keep up the amazing work:)

  5. Merhaba Nihal,I shall try to find the time for a trip there.Every year many thousands of Greeks visit the Queen city.
    I wish for the best presentation of your culture,arts,business,food+wines and people hospitality.
    Love from Thessaloniki.

  6. Thank-you so much for visiting my blog!

    I am so fascinated by your blog and life in Istanbul! I would love to visit there. The wealth of culture, art, architecture, and religion is incredible.
    I will enjoy it through your blog, for now!

    Kelee Katillac

  7. Nihal, with this wonderful post you've made really a great overview of Istanbul. I like all the images, the collage is so charming, the portrait of the harpist Şirin Pancaroğlu is amazing. Surely, if one day I come to Istanbul I would take many many photographs and put them with great pleasure on my blog.
    Have a nice new week!

  8. yay! and your images are stunning! warm hugs nihal!

  9. Istanbul deserves it so much !!! It is such a fantastic city !! Your photos are gorgeous !!! I hope to be abble to come back this year to Istanbul !!I love so much your city ! In 2013 , marseilles will be the european capital of Culture , I can't wait

  10. Lovely tiles. Istanbul calls me.