Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Have you ever attended any TED Conference?

Here is one of TED talks which I certainly enjoyed and thought to do some write up on. Really touching talk by Anthony Robbins (
one of the most popular public speakers and the pioneering life coach in America) about Why We Do What We Do.

What motivates people?
What is it that makes difference in the quality of people's lives? And, do you know to unlock your true potential?

Well, the answers -there is more than one- is worth spending 20 minutes listening to Tony's out of the ordinary presentation.
Because he talks from the heart. Tells the truth.

Don't you think that it's kind of emotionally arrested to think that whether we like or dislike things is any significance to anyone, even to ourselves. Yes, it is so. Therefore his message is simple, very simple! Tony calls us to recognize that our invisible forces 'emotions' can help us to accomplish many things, or can cause us to fail.

Tomorrow I am attending at TEDxRESET Istanbul, a one day journey into the future vision conference that will be held at Bosphorus University. We will gather to share our ideas worth spreading and the potential we all carry in ourselves for new creative reset works. Being national and international thinkers and doers we will present our way of looking at this international platform at reset philosophy, that includes 4 phases being the major 4 focus areas: Forget, Think, Create, Act in order to resetting our minds so we can see the endless possibilities.

You can browse this mind shaking conference from program to speakers on the TEDxRESET Istanbul site right here:

Our world is in need for new questions and brand new answers by different points of views. If we can look at the same picture from a very different perspective, we are the one to shape up to keep up.


  1. Similar to the computer reset but it's on our mind, isn't it? Forget/think/create/act: I surely have a flair for create.
    Happy weekend, Nihal!

  2. @ Pietro: Exactly it's so! If there's no limit for better, but why we can't get there, and why can it get closed?! To do it, we need to reset our minds even though it seems not easy for everyone. But we can. It can sure be a step forward to changing the way of our thoughts and re-open our minds. And we'll be all the better for doing that way, the best by the time.

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