Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best Frozen Frenzy

In mid-January, a sweet and not-fat something is greatly appreciated!

Our hot weather put me in the mood for a cold dessert
or drink recently. The photo you see was taken the last weekend when I walked down the Bagdat Street to a shop. In fact I must have passed it about a thousand times and promised myself a zillion times, but this time I wanted to try out this new froyo place:

What a creamy! It is...

Cefiore, www.cefiore.com, California based frozen yogurt chain is now bringing italian yogurt to Istanbul since it has opened its first shop in Bağdat Street 5-months ago.

Why I like it?

Crafts all natural yogurt. Non-fat, very good quality! Their toppings are from fresh fruits and also have dry ones like chocolate chips, crunches. Staff is very nice and friendly! The place is comfortable. I
n a walking distance from my home. And, I am a froyo lover since this craze hit me when I was in the States:)

Next time I am planning to try for their delicious waffles with my choice of yogurt flavor. Even though frozen yogurt is a new product here in Turkish food market and ice cream consumption per person is really low at 2.7 liters/capita that's a figure way behind Europe and the US, I think this creamy delicious will gain at least 5 percent share quickly.

For interested Istanbulities, definitely a place to check out! Here is the address:

Bağdat Caddesi No:366/C

It's never too cold or hot for a froyo, ever:)


  1. Mmmmmm ! Looks so delicious. By the way is the Baghdad Street in Istanbul ?

  2. Looks I got the spelling wrong ! Its Bagdat not Baghdad !

  3. Nihal, it seems excellent, so fresh and refined!
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. We like all kinds of yogurt and when it is warm frozen yogurt is surely on the menu.


  5. @ Ram: You're not wrong. Bagdat Caddesi in turkish, is literally Baghdad Avenue in english. Both the same:) Sometimes I can alternatively use their turkish names. Shortly, it's a very chic high street as well as the busiest and most crowded districts of the city, located in the Anatolian part. The avenue runs appr 6 km, top quality shopping malls and fashion stores are located here.

    So, not related to Iraq. I did check it out on wiki. The same named Baghdad Street are available in two more countries, one in Singapore and other in Syria.

  6. Very beautiful place and attractive products!
    Have a nice day Nihal.

  7. The froyo sonuds and looks yummy .... and I'm sure tastes yummy too. Something refreshing during hot weather mmmmm.

    Elena :)

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