Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sunny January

I think it's been a great first Week One here! How about you? The record-breaking temperatures, and liking the new feel? No, but I am really liking the warm feel:)

Photos above from my zone, taken in and between Erenköy-to-Caddebostan while the central Europe is currently freezing north to south even in Spain where is snow blanketed, it's super hot and sunny days here!

And, there is nothing like holiday present to remind me of holidays past. Second warm feel effect:) I would have to say that they inspired my holidays future from now on.

} Keepsake gift cards handmade by Elena with loving care and beaded, so beautifully designed. I was the lucky to win
Consolation Prize from her very first Christmas giveaway:

} Fantastic -giant size- Christmas stocking kit from Sandi. Would not be nice to hung by the chimney? Oh my, I have to work very hard this year to move in a bigger house with chimney;)

Please take a peek now to learn more about Elena's Designs and Sandi's Legacy of Stitching who made my heart beating so fast when receiving all of them today.

I always believe that
gifts are not found in a surprise package
in the hearts of
true friends:)


  1. Sevgili Nihal hanım hava sıcaklıklarının mevsim normallerinin üzerinde gitmesi şüphesiz iyi değil,umarım ilerki günlerde kar ve yağmur gelir,yoksa kuraklıktan ileride zarar görebiliriz,işlerinizde başarı,yaşamınızda sağlık ve mutluluk dileklerimle,hoşca kalın.

  2. Oh, your post warms me up, Nihal! I can imagine the sun and warmth of Turkey just by recalling the days my husband and I spent in and near Antalya. I remember the glorious feel of the sun!
    It will be fun to see the stocking when you finish it. I like the way you laid the hearts and stars on it and wonder if it will look like that when it is done. Surprise me! Thanks for the "warm-up" post. It is only just a few degrees above zero here and winter has such a hold on us. I was happy to visit Istanbul for a little warmth!

  3. Oh Nihal, how lovely for you to have received the two pacakges on the same day :) And it's so nice to know that I was able to put a smile on the face of someone who lives so far away on the globe. Thank you for the Hallmark ecard, it was so sweet of you to send it.

    We are having lots of sunshine here too ... along with lots of heat. Today (Sunday) we have tried to stay cool ...but tomorrow is going to be too hot - I think we'll stay indoors or maybe sit in a pool all day, lol.

    Have a wonderful week.
    ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  4. I forgot to mention I like your quote - it's lovely :)

  5. Ciao! Grazie di essere passata e d'aver partecipato al mio giveaway! you have a very interesting blog.. i'll go and have a look around!

  6. @ Ilhami U: Haklisiniz, kuresel isinmanin etkileri gunbegun artiyor, ve yasanan bu ve benzeri beklenmedik iklimsel degisiklikleriyle kendini gosteriyor. Bu ne ilk ne de son, degil mi. Hava raporunu dinledigime gore, yagisli hava gelmek uzereymis, enazindan bu Sehre, ama sicakliklar gene yuksek seyredecek. Bilmiyorum sizin bolgedeki durumu. Sizin gibi doga isleriyle ugrasanlar icin konunun onemi tartisilmaz tabiki. Dilerim yagislar olsun, bahar yagmurlarini beklemeden.

    @ Francesca: So cool to have your visit on my corner. You're welcome, thanks so much for your kind note.

  7. Nihal, what a sunny weather you have in Istanbul! Here in Piedmont, cold weather and much snow (as in many other regions and countries).
    Great post, I find your fine quote very true.
    Have a beautiful new week :-)

  8. Merhaba Nihal,have a nice sunny week!

  9. Our temps are mild but much of the Eastern part of the US is having colder than usual temps.

    What wonderful gifts you received. I'll check out the links you provided.


  10. I can't believe , it seems so warm and sunny. Here in provence it has been raining , snowing and it is cold