Thursday, January 07, 2010

Building On The Past

Whether building new or making minor renovations/modifications to the existing place, building activity in the city is in the dense.

Following is about rebuilding of an old apartment. It is on my walking way, and easily follow up the work in progress. In other words, demolishing the original low-storied building and reconstructing new high-storied building at its place is the story going on here:

When an old building goes it gives architects the chance to rediscover the possibilities of design challenge. I think there's a fine line, right? I have to say that the old building has completed its time, served for its purpose.
After all, nothing lasts forever including whatever new building. Here is the plans by the developer company so you may have an idea what it will look like:

Modern cities like NY, Tokyo, Istanbul.. tend to re-invent themselves, and their ability to move on is more important than preserving the architecture. This sort of thing is happening all over the city at the moment: to recycle and reuse, and update the older buildings within the environmental limits, to reconstruct new ones for being too conceptual and preserving green.

Yes, Istanbul has a role to play.


  1. I was downtown amongst lots of construction this morning. I was disappointed that I didn't have time to take photos. I think what makes a city vibrant is a good mix of the romance of the old along with the vitality of the new.

  2. New buildings are sometime beautiful and elegant but in my book, they will never match the beauty of the older buildings in our most well-known big cities!

  3. It's good for the towns to move on and try to re-invent themselves. The new buildings, if well constructed with good materials, can be excellent and very nice to see. I think however that the old historical buildings, real jewels in the towns, must be preserved with great care.
    Have a serene and joyful weekend, Nihal!

  4. @ Pietro: That's certain. Our City Council does not monitor the historically and incredibly rich buildings. However the controlled demolition of old apartments and rebuild new 'pieces of art' instead are in progress. I think this can be considered as part of the renewal discipline of modern City planning:) Because we want Ist'l also to flourish as a modern, multi-cultural, metropolitan city of opportunity besides our cultural and natural heritage:)

    @ Steph: I instantly love the photos of production lines/factory/construction/mining galleries/architecture etc that show in a variety of tech life. I wish that you can take some shots via your area and share w/us.