Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wish I Could Just Reset

As we all know, it is sad that the world does not offer us many *take backs*. But today right now you have a chance:)

You are offered an undo button for your life. What would you use it as your first? Tell me your thoughts/ideas because I love to hear yours:)


  1. This makes me think, but I have to say I probably wouldn't undo anything. Certainly there are things I wish had not happened, but those things led to other good events and made me what I am today.

    Maybe we could stop Eve from taking that apple. ;-)

  2. I would undo my marriage, but I can't because I got 4 great children out of that bad situation. I might have gone to school sooner, studied harder when I was young so that I might have a more interesting job today.

  3. Hi Nihal! Thanks for your nice words on my blog! About your question, I think I wouldn't undo anything because I've a feeling that my life is a sort of planned path. Of course this doesn't mean I can't decide on the various things, which can be good or not good; maybe (or surely) also my decisions are part of this planned path.
    Have a beautiful evening!

  4. I'm with Beverly - many things that appeared to be bad happened to me, but better brighter things came of them. There are several things that I would like to undo. Things I did or said that hurt or caused unhappiness. Those I would like to undo, because even many years and an apology later they hang in the air around me. Hope you are well and happy and have a wonderful new year!

  5. Buona giornata Nicole, finalmente le feste sono finite!! Una corsa per tutto, adesso si sta tranquilli..baci

  6. I love this question, Nihal. My first thought is that I cannot undo what is in the past. There are things that I wish had been different but even those things allowed me to meet different people, see different places, experience adventures that I would not have known had my life been different. IF I COULD undo, though, I would be kinder and I would listen better. You might think that is a strange thing as most people think that I am kind. And I have learned to be a very good listener. But when we are young we are in a hurry to grow, to learn, to get to where we think we are going. As we do that, we often hurt the feelings of others as we move along our path. We don't mean, too. Sometimes we just hurry too much and we need to slow down, really listen to each other, nurture the relationships we make along the way and not let them die as we become too busy. Recently, my niece who is living on the East Coast (U.S.) wrote that she really misses home and family here in the Midwest. I replied with this...... "I remember when we lived in New Jersey just how much I longed for home and the Midwest. Prior to that we had spent two and a half years in Japan. I missed family so much. I missed my brother and sister's high school graduations, plus the family vacations and more. On one hand it has always made me sad that I missed so many things but at the same time, there were other experiences that I would never have had, people that I would never have met, had I not spent time in so many different places (we also lived in San Diego before military assignment to Bilxoi, Mississippi and then went on to Japan). Life is full of things we don't plan and wish we didn't have to go through but at the same time those experiences enrich our lives. In a couple of years, you will likely be back in the Midwest. In the meantime, enjoy your time in the East as you will look back on it fondly one day. Trust me, I write from experience. :-)"
    As the years went by, I reconnected with a couple of those people that I wished I had been kinder to and the friendship is even sweeter. Each year I make new friends and I keep the old.........they are all good, both silver and gold!! And that includes you!

  7. First of all I would reset some of the things I've said and some of the things I did not do, I hope that makes sense?
    Some other things I would like to be different but those things are as life brought them, for example I don't like the work I do very much but it's also not bad. We (many others too) had to do the work that was available at that time and we still have to.
    Well, I guess life has been and still is good to me, the grass is always greener at the other side of the road or it seems to be greener might be more true.
    And what would you reset?

  8. @ Dick: Thanks for your comment. Well, is there anything I would undo? No, I'm quite pleased with all what I've lived in my life. It's largely a game based on the decisions I make. What's important for me is looking at the big picture, and being sure that I enjoy this game:) Honestly I've 'many' things that I want to ''do''! And, I can't wait, I can't be patient:)