Saturday, January 23, 2010

Want To Pick Snowball

nihal~ hey leyla, what's up? you look like wonderful in your pink wintery clothes, envy you. but what's that basket in your hand instead of playing with snow?
leyla~ i need this basket. i am here because i wanna pick some snowballs and collect in it.
nihal~ ohh, sweetie, you can't. they will melt, you know?!
leyla~ no, they won't. i want to (make then) pick snowballs.

i haven't heard such a funny thing but leyla made me smiley today. best part of my day was the conversation with this 5-yrs-old girl, daughter of my friend. their imaginative world always leaves me wordless! natural, well intentioned, from heart. then we all laughed, played together {me+leyla+her elder sister} till i leave them to take a few snapshots:

there is just another thing about Istanbul; you can never take things for granted. things move so quickly, not just the streets but the weather too.

i can look at the same building everyday. and it's going to look slightly different because of the surrounding weather and because of my mood. i never get tired of looking especially when the weather goes crazy -like today: minus 3 celcius degrees. sun left its place for a real cold. below zero. snow silence upon us...

oh my, finally it arrives: long waited winter. only one color painted the City now: w-h-i-t-e


  1. I love it .... I will pick snowballs!! Oh, the fun things that kids say! Sweet pictures of her. I love the pics of the snow on the fern plant and then on the wrought iron design. I see a quilt design in that one! Are you happy that winter has arrived? We have had rain here and that is very unusual in winter. The snow is already 1 1/2 feet deep and now the rain has created a layer of ice on it. It's a wee bit slippery for sure!

  2. @ Sandi: Standing back of this screen and reading/viewing 'winter and snow' photos were fun for me, at least not cold hurts:) Now it's really upon us, terrible cold. Wondering who sent us this snow;) Besides kidding, no, I'm not a winter person. I want Mr Sun back here ASAP.

  3. Nihal, la neve rende felici noi adulti che la vediamo da tanti anni e per i bambini è un evento quasi incomprensibile, mi piacerebbe tanto ricordare cosa ho pensato quando l'ho vista per la prima volta.
    ciao ciao e goditi il BIANCO a Istanbul.

  4. Superb snow shots -gives a kind of magical feeling.

  5. Nice pictures, finally the winter has taken over but it won't take long for spring arrives in Istanbul.