Monday, January 25, 2010

Liberate Yourself

+ create a better world.
+ use our energy to make the world a more inhabitable place.

Not to:
- let things be as they have always been!

In today's world we all have an 'easy' access to all kinds of information but it seems as if we don't use this information flow and the potential it creates efficiently, we can not make full use of it. Is it because we can not get away from our old habits and prejudices? Around this main concept, that moment has come. TEDxReset was here in Istanbul in all its reality. And I was there on a day long journey that I mentioned in a previous post:

Think: What if we just re-think? Living outside the box!
Eset Akçilad, a Yale Univ educated. Script writer & Director, Turkey

Forget: Why do we need to forget?
Dr Rahmi O. Güvenç, Lecturer and Founder of Tümata,

Music-therapy. Application of turkish music for some (turkish) attendees.

Soul & Sufi music.

Coffee break...

Create: Who will create the new world?
Birgit Lohmann, CEO/Editor-in-chief, Designboom, Milan-Italy

Curator of this Conference in Istanbul, Ali Üstündağ (right)

No time to play it safe, take smart risks!
Lakis Gavalas, Founder & Chairman, Creative Director of LAK Fashionland, Greece

With like-minded friends at Bosphorus University's Albert Long Hall

Language of tomorrow
Prof Lev Manovich, Visual Arts, Univ of California,
San Diego -US

If I will remember this occasion as a day which was full of excitement, fun, discovery, provocative, but also very enlightening it will be because of their efforts and hardwork realized by this RESET Istanbul team. Thanks to (left to right) dear Serhat, Hakan, Belig and Nazli!

On a side note
Our world is changing. Constantly changing. Very fast changing. Not only physically changing, its soul is changing. If there is ~6billion people forming the soul of the world, only a handful TEDxReset friends reflected their soul to the rest of the world. Seems not enough.

Source: photos and a full list of speakers, visit tedxreset


  1. i´m so envious. i´d have loved to have been there. i bet it was awesome. great photos- i feel like i was almost there. hugs!

  2. I agree - not enough. But, hopefully as the world becomes smaller, and we all continue to reach out to one another, things will change and grow for the better of all.

    Great post, Nihal.

  3. Great photos and subject matter! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Kerrie

  4. Sevgili Nihal hanım yine detayları ve incelikleri güzel anlatımınızla bize sunmuşsunuz ,çok sağolun,işlerinizde başarı ,yaşamınızda sağlık dileklerimle.

  5. The conference must have been amazing. So glad you were able to attend.