Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Forma + Funzione = Innovative

Today I am feeling like a spring flower! I noticed the blossoms on the trees, and they get me excited for the spring and summer. If it could be possible I would take my basket and go to the green fields...

Dinners. One of our most special times and a good reason to be together with our families. This idea was his start point, created a FLOWER. A dining table with chairs which look like a green petals, super cool! His interesting designs cover less area, trés classy, practical, and green+friendly. When not in use, you can wrap it up! Also this would be so functional and smart solution for small apartments.

more wonde
rful creations from
turkish industrial product designer
Fatih Can Sarioz
at his studio

Drop by drop the lake is formed. This famous turkish quote comes realistic in today's hard economic conditions:) These exquisitely handcrafted basketwoven mini purses that so called DIAMOND (above) and SQUARE (below), look to be a fun to bring spring taste during your every day jewelery or coin, making them an exceptional accesories that you could carry even for every season to come next. Aside from being a very practical purse, it is very convenient especially travel times. Previously lived in Oklahoma, US - currently back in Istanbul, my sweet friend Inci whom I know such a long time is the secret name behind these so lovely creations.

her japanese inspired crafts that
each one show a very stylish and distinctive design,
at her etsy shop
and her flickr


  1. Very beautiful and clever designs! I'm glad to learn that İnci has come back in Istanbul :-)

  2. Wonderful degign, wonderful designer!

  3. Hi again Nihal...
    Maybe you dont know but she is my lovely friend :)
    And thanks a lot sharing !

  4. Gorgeous design from very talented designer, Inci..thnx for sharing!

  5. how precious, I would love to have a few of these :)

  6. Nihal, these are wonderful creations indeed. I like so much the dining table with chairs which look like a flower :-)
    Have a very nice day!

  7. Love the look of the chairs and table but wonder how comfortable those chairs would be.

    Beautiful purses, I'm off to see your friend Inci's etsy shop.


  8. Very clever table design, unique., even if maybe not so comfortable to sit around.

  9. I'm in love with the table set!! Wow!!

    By the way, you win the pillow boxes set of my blog's giveaway! Congrats!!

    I'll need a shipping adress to send them to you

  10. Solo un caro saluto...veramente uno spazio stupendo il tuo :-)

  11. I love her design .I'm going to check her etsy store. You saw blossoms ??? In Provence, it is still freezing and spring seems to be far away

  12. @ Sibel, Şebnem and DVintage: Warm welcome wishes; so glad that you stopped by here. Looking fwd to hear from you again.

    @ Eve: Sweet thanks a lot! I am obviously happy indeed. My delivery details already sent off.

    @ Mél: I know btw late Apr and late Sept, the climate and temperatures in Provence are normally very pleasant. I think you are dreaming of an early spring but you've to be patient. If you can't you're always welcome to Istanbul:)