Saturday, February 20, 2010

Your Style Will Tell Me...





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Very active day, incredibly beautiful daisies everywhere, and splendidly warm outside that allows us to go a picnic!
17C degrees. Some even in tee-shirts. Wish I had super forces to bring all the beauties up close.. In short, a spring wonderland today, Istanbul.

(Above) a few Istanbulian people and their style that I called in my view.

While I were doing most of my street photography in the vicinity of my home,
the Bağdat Ave. in the Asian part, I thought that if I do not know of you in real, then I could guess who you are:)

A kind of personality quiz. But your help requested.

Based on this quote that seems true
"Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are", the people (my friends) define who I am. Right. I easily developed it to say like this: "Tell me your style, I will tell you who you are"

So- need feedback about your style. Pass the word on, please.


  1. Hm... I think i could fit quite well as a contempo... but sometimes i like the fashion look, some other times the romantic one, depending on the occasion i like to wear casual, but nt really neotraditional.

    And what is your style, Nihal?

  2. Nihal, the sequence of photos is really nice and enjoyable. I'm "casual/classic" (depending on the occasion); I bet you are "fashion" :-) However, the human beings are always so indecipherable and mysterious!
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Dear Nihal,

    My style in my private life is contempo/casual. I like to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. On the other hand I’m a lawyer, therefore I have a different style at work, more classic, but I love colours and ethnic accessories and I like to use them -without exageration- when I dress up for work.

    Have a delightful Sunday,


  4. Hi, Nihal!

    I consider myself a casual wear person. I like to be in classic and comfortable clothes in my daily life. Since I don't have an office life, I don't have to be in ladylike work suits thankfully. But still I enjoy the styles of people who are nicely dressed up.

  5. Funny you should ask this question, Nihal! I was thinking while I was out shopping last Friday that I really need to update my style. I bought some new cosmetics for a start. And then I decided I am going to clear my closet of clothes that simple do not look good on me. Sometimes one can really like a piece of clothing but then you put it on and it doesn't look right or feel right! I would probably be classic/casual although I would like to be more fashion/casual. I think I need a stylist! LOL! Your photos are lovely as always and just by seeing them, I can recall the warmth of the sun from our long ago trip to Turkey. Hmm, feels good. Unfortunately, as I look out the window there are huge snowdrifts and three feet of snow covering our entire yard! I got your e-mail and will keep you in mind for next blog event. :-) Have a good week!

  6. Thank you all, for letting me know what styles you have. Enjoyed reading them:)
    As for my style, it's generally a mix of 70% city fashion (=metro), 20% classics and 10% sport. Even at work I like to follow-up whatever fashion brings for bizwomen. My bravo goes to Pietro, how you did know Sir:)