Friday, February 05, 2010


Who could say one day will come to say goodbye for our laptops?

Recently I have been reading more articles, more both (+) and (-) comments and critics about a product -than all the stars in the sky;)

The name of said product is new tablet iPad, or is it iWant? Oh I renamed it to my liking;) Apple kızmaz bana biliyorum;)

If iWant it, because of:

= a pretty cool concept,
= unbelievable price (US$499),
= weight just 1.5pounds,
= 9.7 in LED screen,

= 1/2 in thin in size.

Could it be that super thin device would make you think 'I would use it in the bed?' No, not a nice answer. I would say how too small you are thinking.

Because it has many functions in the palm of your hand: www browser, e-reader, video player, etc when compared to what you use for your laptop.. All in all, it's a personal mini portable computer that CEO Steve Jobs said ''the most important thing I've ever done'' (below):

images via ntvmsnbc

I can't stop thinking one more thing: I just check it out. The new tablet is too big to fit in my pants pocket. In this sense, designers are expected to leave what they work on, and go ahead to re-design pants and coats:) Because it comes to me that fashion world will have to be a follower of advancements in the science, especially computer world.

Revolution in thought. Revolution in production f
rom smart and innovative Apple Inc. Can you imagine a world turning around the scientific developments, how excellent. You, my dear lucky readers from the US, enjoy the great entry to the full!

End of Day notes

Apple, please hear me; I can't wait to date with my favorite tool:)

Yet official announcement is not done how long we are likely to wait for this successful day-winner to enter in our markets?


  1. Hi Nihal

    From iPod to iPad in such a short span of time. Technology is progressing at such a frantic pace - really amazing ! Incidentally what is the meaning of: "Apple kızmaz bana biliyorum"


  2. Another exciting step in technology. I don't know anyone that has one yet, but I am anxious to hear more.

  3. @ Ram: Can be translated like this 'Apple will not get angry with me' (if I call it iWant;)
    You're right. iPod, Macbook, Kindle.. Now iPad. Seems like iPad will destroy the Amazon kindle.

  4. Dear Nihal technology chancing speedly,We cannot catch and follow many new prodacts,best wishes ,stay well.Sincerelly

  5. Ciao Nicole, buona domenica. Qui giornata ecologica, traffico bloccato dalle 10 alle 18, trasporti ad 1 euro per l'intero giorno:-) Non faccio shopping, mi piace guardare le vetrine per copiare qualche cappello o sciarpa, ma adoro fermarmi alle bancarelle dei libri...dove mi perdo:-) Baci e se capiti da queste parti lo shopping lo facciamo insieme, con una tappa in un bel caffè del centro:-)

  6. Hello Nihal!The iPad seems really a good innovative product, I hope it will enter soon in our markets!
    However, I always like the great funcionality of our laptops and hope to have never to say goodbye to them!
    Have a very nice day! :-)

  7. @ Pietro: I was thinking the same for my very first (fixed) pc until I buy two laptops after 2000's. Had to say goodbye for old fashioned one (not went to garbage, still at home). Truth said, I cannot stand way behind because current software industry commands, not offers:)

  8. It goes too fast, things are old when you buy them, for example: last year I bought a new tv set, it has all kind of tuners so I thought it must be good. After only 6 months of use the cable company decided to use another system (ci+) and guess what my brand new tv doesn't support it. It makes me sick, I do like new things but I also like to use them for a little bit longer. In other words think twice before you buy.