Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet Me In The Kitchen, Honey

Wondering how you would answer this question:

"If your love was a cake or cookie, how would you describe it in the cake/cookie format?"

Aşk, meaning Love, is so special feeling that everyone has surely a different way to live and comment as well. Above question from Keyveni that is the first and only boutique catering Turkish company, was a kind of inviting to me. The kid in me said "Yes, participate and answer!"
So, I was not wanting to be late. Deadline was feb 9th to send the recipe.

Here's what I came up with:

*I'd be likely be candid in what I write about, because love matters.
*I'd contemplate the question a bit more outright fantasy,
*I'd think with my brain, but write with my heart as always in whatever I do

I was ready. I could not wait to reveal my inner amateur kitchen artist;) Started penning to just create magic.

On the other side, I was not sure when I think of how high capable and very talented turkish women and housewives. I was honestly not hoping if my recipe could rise above the limitations of others, and... A good news to make my day: My recipe was selected 1-of-top 10 best among lots of recipes! (below)

Being a naturally curious, interested and willing to try new things, I thought this was a really good result but enough surprising as I have never been so good to practice & develop my cooking/baking abilities because of my work life.

Maybe the coolest feeling I can get is it happens when we dare to dream. It just makes me smile inside and outside. Cooler still is the power of penning about something I love to do.

Sad news, my recipe was not be placed in first 5 of the second final selection. If it was then I would be awarded to join the Aşkın Lezzetleri (St Valentine Day's Baking) Workshop. I do not mind. Because it was my very first time to officially test my baking capacity. I believe I did an unexpectedly good hit even though my weak skills in kitchen work.

Name of my recipe is "Muzlu Nutellalı Muffinim Ol!", meaning "Be my Banana Muffin with Nutella Drops!"

From today I can grow like a new kitchenstar:) Perhaps a promising Baking&Pastry Book writer of the future..:)

How about you? Are you an awarded recipe owner? If you are not, what's your most favourite recipe to describe your love to yours? Only name here please, I'd appreciate.


  1. Ciao Nicole, ti auguro un buon fine tuo cuore dipinto è molto bello!!

  2. Here's my recipe: Strawberry cake topped with cream and icing sugar.

    I'd love to taste your delicious recipe. Congrats on the Keyveni contest and have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. If my love was a cake, with a lot of sugar... I'll it it all ! I wish you a lovely day

  4. I don't make cookies for valentine day. I like to go to restaurant for this special day. Thank you for your recipe

  5. My Valentine recipe is NY Style Cheese Cake for my special guy. Yes, he's from NY City and over the years I've perfected the cheese cake recipe that pleases him.


  6. Congrats on your placement in the TOP 10, Nihal! My favourite dishes are the pasta and the risotto: I cook them in the "basic way"! ;-)

  7. @ Pietro: Sometimes non-traditional ways can help us to identify the blind spots;) Worth to trying, pasta and risotto next year:)