Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On Purpose Again: SimART

If you ask me what is the buzzword in this day and age, I would say you Smart card without thinking.

Widely used smart cards (Turkish: Akıllı kart) are the key player performing the host of many electronic commercial transactions, and do a lot more using them as a credit card or a debit card. Let's think for a moment; we can not move out, shop, fly, even dining without having a smart card, no? So- smart card is an integral part of our lives in present times making our life much easier than it used to be before. Therefore two main topics, e-business and m-business (mobile) are often encountered in the media because smart cards has gained momentum (+popularity) with the use of internet and e-commerce, and become an extensively growing industry with their wide applicability that I'm fascinated very much -and I'd like to be employed in this sector.

Feeling their presence in almost every domain of my life, my eyes landed on a simcard around the house that I am no longer going to use for my cellular phone.

Pretty nice inspired by this sempatik kart:) Its smartness bonus! I was thinking the best time was now, and I wanted to create a fun fashion product that would be 99% re-purposed and allow me to show off that inspiration I had inside.
My creativity added over it, with some minor alterations in a likable way, I gave my smart card a new look. Used a piece of black velvet rope and (not darkens) good quality gold colored pieces. In return it made a feel of having a new piece. A fair deal;)

Let you know the identification card of my new simARTcard bangle:
  • Short run production (only 15 min)
  • Easy to carry along
  • Light
  • Practical use
  • Eco-friendly
  • New
  • Romantic feel (bits of red)
  • And, timely done for fast approaching Walentimes:)

I'm pleased with the result making one-of-a-kind creation that I believe I can enjoy for a long time. Most importantly, I'm proud adding a new buzzword of my own within the sustainability movement that is re-purposed smartcard.

But all it means is with a little bit of creativity we can become intentional about repurposing as it's
one the best ways to up-cycle and re-newed objects that inspire a greener world.

In our throwaway world I know there is an abundance of materials and countless way to reducing waste -if we want, if we lead. Let your trash become your art, or even someone's art. By reusing your possessions and putting your imagination power forward, you can do your part to salvage our environment.

Also worth noting

/\ Just an idea. Maybe also a good start thinking about digital repurposing,
/\ Good products are not killers; they are important resources,
/\ Technology powered marketing will stop solo-dimensional approach,
/\ Focus is on e-related purpose; interested eyes are about social web, network, connections,
/\ Our way of style is winning freedom, no more objects saved fashion but it's indeed empowered by technology.

Published for today's Corner View ''Repurposed''


  1. funny girl... sim-card-bracelet. hee hee.
    lots of art-cycle out there already, thank god. let's indeed.

  2. Very nice and funny idea ;) Perfect for the geek I am !

  3. I like this, great idea!

  4. Good job ! Way to go! Great idea!

  5. Nihal, this is a very nice and funny creation. Great job indeed! Do you often wear it?
    About computers, I have two laptops as well: I had the first one in 2007 when I began the internet, and last week I bought a very good smaller one, which is suitable for trips, with operating system Windows XP.
    Have a beautiful day :-)

  6. Perfect memories holder. And a lovely bracelet.

  7. You're unbelievably creative, Nihal, and very good with your pincers!

  8. @ Pietro: In a reply to your question, to me it's somehow the kind of prototype creation that I want to think up. I might develop it using the transfer technique on leather.. I'll see how my idea will bloom:)