Monday, March 01, 2010

D N A of Istanbul

The view of Asian shore,
taken when I was on the European side

Do you check your feed stats?

For which words your readers arrive on your page?

This is something "important" for me that I do on a regular basis, mostly daily basis. If it is your goal to make meaningful connections with the community you are cultivating and think about ways you can bridge that gap. It is hard work but worth it.

Here's one of the interesting keywords that is seen in my search list, and arrived on my blog for:

}}} Where is Istanbul, and what sort of people live there?

I was surprised!
Hardly believe in. Still people out there not heard of Istanbul? It seems like my mission never ends;)

Yes, I know I have been heavy on Istanbul lately, but your word-and-questions may help me how to direct my page, so I do thank you really!

There is lot to be said here and the humanity of the people. We are more real and mature than most of the others. There is a real young dynamic generation. Because of our multi-cultural and multi-ethnic mosaic that we live in,
warm-blooded mediterranean people that we are. Therefore, people are extremely friendly and from the heart as well as the friendships are incredibly strong.

To mirror on Queen Istanbul...

Stretching back nearly three millenia! Still a competitive metropolis like many others. Getting more and more westernized. In one minute you can be in the Asia, or in the Europe. I find it quite exciting, quite interesting and quite genuine. The magic water, which we call Bosphorus makes it possible to pass by like a dream from one side to other. The City is the only ONE in the world that stands astride two continents: Asia and Europe.

In ONE word, not only Istanbul but country of Turkey combines cultures and religions.

If there is anything left not to say?

Yes, ONE thing: You will be inspired by the collision of cultures that is in Istanbul's DNA.

The view of European shore,
taken when I was on the Asian side

ONE but not last thing that you can still do for yourself is to click on my snapshots for larger size. So you could feel better Istanbul as though heaven is on earth:)


  1. Very nice the two symmetric images at the beginning and at the end of the post! I'm really astonished there is somebody who doesn't know where is Istanbul.
    Happy new week, Nihal!

  2. @ Pietro: Isn't symmetry (and also proportion) the greatest element of what we see! So its what I do look for most of the time. Correct analysis on my photos, grazie:)