Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Find A Broom!

that country is not crying out!
that country is not waiting for international help!

that country is not in a panic!

for more e/quake photos see cnn

[Proud of]
that country is better prepared!
that country is coping resources!
that country is very good to know what to do!

that country has a responsible government!

[Standing On Their Knees]
As you know fully aware, a country suffered a 8.8 magnitude-quake last Saturday on Feb 27. Chile. After this biggest hit Chile in its 50 years, the following resulted:

. affected 2 mln people
. killed more than 700 people
. 15 missing
. 80% of the country felt the impact
the entire country has not collapsed
. some parts decimated and others touched

[Deep Breath]
this event in Chile came just six and a half weeks after the one struck Haiti, and it was 800 times more powerful than Haiti's!

[Take Note]
Five largest+most powerful earthquakes since 1950's:

. Haiti -12 Jan 2010, ~230,000 deaths, 7.0 magnitude
. Indonesia -26 Dec 2004, ~250,000 deaths, 9.2 magnitude
. Alaska, US -28 Mar 1964, 128 deaths, 9.2 magnitude
. Chile -22 May 1960, ~1,655 deaths, 9.5 magnitude
. Russia -4 Nov 1952, no lives were lost, 9.0 magnitude

[Give thanks]
earthquake does not kill. earthquake does not create damage. earthquake is not a destiny! being prepared, being responsible and having appropriate technology are the important points.

[My Tulip For Chileans, if I can not be there to support]

[Are We Ready?]
Hope so!
Unavoidable factsheet of Turkey is earthquakes, floods, landslides... More than 70 percent of the population is always under a high risk of tremors! We should not fail to learn from this Chile example; otherwise the greater in any moment will be on the way.


  1. California is earthquake country and we are as prepared as we can be at our house. Extra food, blankets, supplies stored in an outside area, etc. Individuals should prepare as well as governments.


  2. Thankss for your thought provoking comments. Have a great weekend.

  3. Nihal, the 6th April 2009 we had the terrible earthquake at L'Aquila (6.3 Richter).
    Luckily our goverment has been very efficient: many new little comfortable houses have been built very quickly in few months round there, and now there are no more tents.