Thursday, March 04, 2010

Under The Umbrella There's

- 2.evoke 3.energize 4.ignite 5.rise 7.harmonya 8.connecta 9.excitementa anda 10.hinge

With those of you who knows, or does not know; who is new or already informed, Istanbul shelters countless opposites old and new, east and west, modern and traditional, past and future in harmony. Not only these differences protect their purity, but they can be transformed to each other and enrich themselves. This is Istanbul, that is what makes this City so unique.

While each of the above functions sound sort of new Ist
anbul'ish they all suggest more consideration about the "hinge city", Istanbul. My favorite definition was about the hinge!

During the Urban Age Conference held here this past November, Richard Sennett likened Istanbul to other significant "hinge cities", the cities that serve as connectors, holding together the places they bridge. He calls the hinge city "a place of location rather than a destination, a city of mobilities." Read full post Discovering Istanbul, the 'hinge city' by Jennifer Eaton Gökmen

At its heart, a themed, periodic collection of weblinks to other blog posts must be one of this community's finest innovations: interesting subculture of the web as a Carnival of Ideas! A year-long feature looking at the global niche aims to bring the hinge city Istanbul in different themes starting with +connections in first two months, then +scapes for this month for the Istanbul 2010 Blog Carnival.

Here's a small taste from the most recent post about this carnival that is what Daily Hurriyet News has to say about:

"The Istanbul 2010 Blog Carnival explores how, as a hinge location for past 4,000 years, the City encompasses and reflects elements of the places a
nd people it connects. Providing an eclectic prospective that goes beyond what the typical tourist sees, the Istanbul 2010 Blog Carnival curates a series of web links to what it deems the 'best views of this unparalleled Turkish City from the around web and around the world'.

Anastasia, an American expat based in Istanbul, created this particular blog carnival invites you ALL to join the celebrations at this event --a traveling ideas of festival that moves from house to house, from denizens to admirers to lead the way through the "crossroads and dichotomies of the hybrid metropolis".

And and... I am so pleased to let you know that my post of Revitalized Akaretler Row Houses of Maçka featured in the current month issue of the Carnival! It's a great way for a community of bloggers to work together and unite in a form of multi-cell life which might be carnival in my opinion, rather than being a single-cell organism which is like a blogger alone in the cyberspace.

In this sense, I now encourage you to visit:

issue #1+2 (jan and feb) for past posts

issue #3 for march

My sincere thanks to darling Anastasia for her efforts and dedication such an important project in the way to celebrate its title being the Istanbul European Capital of Culture 2010. Her blog of Furthering the Worldwide Cultural Conversation is really worth to read, best is to bookmark it! I'm grateful to take this opportunity and state that how intimate communications make deep and meaningful exchanges today:)

clicking on above mask will
make your shortest way to the WebCarnival~


  1. Congratulations on the blog feature, Nihal! I am not surprised at all as you have a wonderful blog!!

  2. I've looked at your post again: it's very nice (as all your articles), I commented it. Congratulations, Nihal!

  3. Thanks for everything Nihal, and I totally agree that creating blogging alliances around shared themes and common topics is a wonderful way to grow our blogs and benefit our community. All best wishes to you!

  4. @ Anastasia: You're always welcome:) All my best~