Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hanna's Request

A 9-year-old student at Katharinenschule in Unna city of Germany, Hanna made a "White pace pigeon" bibelot to be given our Prime Minister. German Chancellor Angela Merkel brought the little cute pigeon and presented her bibelot to him yesterday in capital Ankara.

There is also peace message attached to the bibelot! Hanna wrote to our PM...

This pigeon has come to you. It is a symbol of peace. After looking at the pigeon for a few days, then send it to another person or organ
ization so as to continue the world peace. And, send me a mail with your picture. This way we can follow the 'peace path' of the pigeon. Accordingly you will contribute to the peace movement of elementary schools in Margaretenhohe Essen, Franziskusschule in Hattingen, Katharinenschule in Unna and schools in Istanbul and Pecs."

Ah what a lovely and timely request from little hands! PM Erdogan gladly signed his photo to be sent to Hanna. Who could refuse this so lovely gift and request?!

Merkel is on a two-day visit to Turkey which began yesterday with her arrival in Ankara. Today she was in Istanbul, visiting the important historical sites -Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, German High School, German Protestant Church. Besides meetings on our EU membership bid and integration of Germ
an citizens of Turkish heritage, she wanted to visit especially Istanbul as the European capital of culture for 2010.

Merkel during her visit to
the Hagia Sophia Museum

Even though peace is not a distant goal but adults can forget to give their devotion and efforts on peace and freedom. Thank you Hanna, thank you for being a real follower of the world peace! I am now smiling as the future gives hope to me...

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  1. I agree this young childrens ideas and wishes,peace necessary all of us and wörld.