Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Amazing Outcomes in March

Another month is closing. So much, so much over my expectations happened in this month March! There were many 'ups', no 'downs' for me. Interestingly plentiful as not compared with any month. How was your March?

Besides all positive achievements and happenings around me,
my sales also increased! Oh my! One more SOLD just after 3 pieces of dervish necklaces went away.

Last year in May, I sold the first item of this filigree pendant to a customer (in Germany). You can read sales report here. The second and last one of the same pendant took interest of a customer at home (in Istanbul). His reason sounds so good. Said to me that the gentleman bought this 'Bosphorus' pendant as a gift to his wife because of their wedding anniversary, oh so cool.

Unfortunately it is now OUT OF STOCK. It won't be available to put the same on sale. Because it is one of rarest models which has a very limited production, I am sad.

Here is the same model but embedded black stone. You can dream of having this gorgeous one:) Let me remind you that is the only-and-one in my stock list. You would better to hurry up
if you are interested in buying.

~Product card about this jewel of 'GRAPES'~

A fine work of 925carat silver stitching as it is known 'filigree'. Original and traditional to the Turkish handicraft. 2,5in (=6 cm) length. It is to send out after packed nicely in its original box together with a high quality black velvet rope, so makes ready to wear immediately. Price: $35

My Spring Selection For You

'DAISY' filigree bright shiny silver earrings
Price: $30

'STAR' filigree silver pendant
Price: $30


Isn't it possible to extend this month a little bit? I really liked the plentiful days I had in, and I do not want March to come a close...


  1. Beautiful!
    I am learning Silversmithing and these are an inspiration.

  2. Beautiful things, the earrings are shiny indeed, lovely.

  3. Nihal, I'm glad your sales increased! That gives great satisfaction to you! Very nice items indeed! :-)

  4. @ Andrea: Welcome to my page. They feature our traditional silver-smithing; pleased to hear you're inspired to-- wonderful way to start off on life for sure:)