Friday, April 02, 2010

Share Your Brands 1-2-3


In my opinion, in my experience, the most successful Turkish brands are..

(1.) Turkcell (mobile telecommunications)
(2.) Efes Pilsen (beverage)
(3.) Mavi Jeans (textile)

Turkcell? Leader mobile phone operator of the country; the 3rd biggest in the Europe. First Turkish company listed in NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Learn more

Efes Pilsen? One of the most consumed top ten beer in the Europe. Learn more

Mavi? A Turkish word means blue. One of famous and favorite fitting denim among young men and women includes celebrities as well -Kate Winslet, Geri Halliwell, Annie Lennox, Sugababes,....- with worldwide stores in North America, Europe and Asia Pasific. Learn more and find the nearest Mavi to your home

What are the most successful brands {top 3} in your country?


  1. Oh dear I have no idea. I will tell you my three current favourite brands instead!

    Sony for my Vaio Laptop.
    Apple for my itouch
    Panasonic for my camera.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Nihal, now I can't answer your interesting question! Maybe later on!!!
    I wish you a very happy weekend :-)

  3. Here I go with the Spanish 4 best of 2010, from a branding study performed by Coleman CBX:

    1st.- Banco Santander (banking)
    2nd.- BBVA (also banking!!!)
    3rd.- Movistar (cellphone provider)
    4th.- El Corte Inglés (Department Store)

    Happy Easter weekend!

    Hugs hugs hugs!

    It seeems that we Spaniards worry about the good quality of our banking sector, cellphones and stores!

  4. My dear Nihal,

    I agree with you about top three Turkish brands.

    I like MAVI's this spring season's
    t-shirt collection.

    EFES PILSEN is every beer lover Turk's indispensable obsession abroad! They have to drink EFES!! Not only Turks, but my Japanese friends also love EFES!

    I don't have any comment about TURKCELL, because I'm a client of VODAFONE TR!

    This is a good chance for me to contribute to this post with another big Turkish brand: PASABAHCE Glassworks!
    I saw several times Pasabahce items in American stores and Japanese shopping catalogues!

    You should see the new Pasabahce store at CAPITOL Shopping Center. It is a gorgeus store with incredibly beautiful coffee & tea items also with amazing glass artwork!

    See you soon, my dear! Byeee!

  5. @ Lindy: :) No problem, I like hearing your fave brands. Definitely I'm also in Sony and Apple:)

    I would list those 3 if I was asked for Italian ones: Fiat, Ferrari, Gucci. AC Milan and Prada go for my next ones:)

    @ Leni: Gracias for your info flow:) We could be good partners in worklife:)

    @ Inci: Yes, Pashabahce is one of successful brands. Can be counted:)
    Turkcell? Ask all about it to me as I'm a faithful client of TCell for years:)